Photo Printing With Amazon! $1000 In G.C’s To Be Won! #Giveaway #Ad #AmazonPrints

Printing memories has never been easier with Amazon Prints, the photo printing service from Amazon. Prime members can simply upload photos to their Prime Photos Account. When ready, print the ones you like and receive free delivery! Not a prime member? That's okay. Amazon will give you 5 GB of … [Read more...]

Lottoland And Dreams – Canada Can Play The US Powerball!

Dreams are what makes freedom possible. Freedom to do what makes up happy. Allowing ourselves to dream, creates enthusiasm to try. Without them, there would be no new inventions. There would be no one reaching for the top. It's how we get ahead. With dreams, there is hope. My mom and I … [Read more...]

SC Johnson Launches Happy Thanksgathering #USA #Contest

Happy Thanksgathering Thanksgiving is such a wonderful time to spend with family and friends. Yet, when you can't join them in the celebrations, Thanksgiving becomes a sadder occasion. In fact, a survey done showed that almost half of all Americans said they'd skip … [Read more...]

It’s A “Fig”-gin Pizza @YYCPizzaWeek #Recipe

Everyone who knows me or has ever visited my blog, knows I love pizza and pasta! No doubt about it. This year, I was invited to join in the #yyc food bloggers challenge for #yycpizzaweek. Thanks so much to The Italian Store for sponsoring this great event. They offered us our choice of four … [Read more...]

Worst Cooks In America Returns With A Twist – Celebrity Edition

If you've ever seen Worst Cooks In America, then you know it can be gruelling. Not just for the contestants but the hosts as well. I think it's a miracle they're able to teach them anything when they can barely boil water. This latest edition looks like fun. Celebrites we know that are … [Read more...]

Penne “Rice” Pudding #Catelli #GlutenFree #Recipe #ContestAnnouncement

Wow! Was I ever offered the challenge of a liftetime. Perhaps I made it more challenging than need be, but why not? Catelli asked me it I'd like to create a dish using their gluten free pasta as a main ingredient. It could be breakfast, dinner, snack or even dessert. Their Gluten Free Pasta is … [Read more...]

Food Network’s All-Star Academy – New Show From A Favourite Network

I simply adore the Food Network. I love the food challenges and the tips and tricks I learn while watching. One of my all time fav's takes part in a new show from Food Network, All-Star Academy. That would be Michael Symon. Of course, let's not forget the other stars, Bobby Flay, Alex … [Read more...]

Worst Cooks In America Arrives For Season Six On January 4th, 2015

Oh yes! It's back! Your all-time favourtie culinary bootcamp, Worst Cooks In America, arrives this coming January 4th. Anne Burrell meets up with Chef Tyler Florence in a head to head battle. In case you've never seen it before, each chef leads a team of terrible, horrible, nightmarish cooks and … [Read more...]

Cutthroat Kitchen Fan? Me Too!!! Guess What’s Next? #SuperstarSabotageTournament

I'm a diehard fan of Cutthroat Kitchen. It not only gives you culinary ideas and offers cash rewards, it's also a "cutthroat" game where nothing is as simple as it seems. Sabotages rule and you can never be sure of what's coming next. The sabotages are what makes this Food Network show so … [Read more...]

Please Support Me And Vote For My Pork Roulade #TreStelle #Recipe #SingleVote

A couple of months ago, Tre Stelle came to me and asked me if I'd like to join a competition they are having. They wanted me to create a savoury recipe using their ricotta cheese. Something other than your typical lasagna.  I would be going up against 4 other bloggers. The winner is to receive some … [Read more...]

Guess Who Made Sushi @edo_japan For The First Time? #competition #SushiCanadiansLove

That's right, me. In case you were unaware and missed the competitive chatter on Twitter, myself and several other bloggers took to the sushi rolling table. {Edo sushi chefs! @robgairns @ScrumpFitFood @fareenjj @elizaboothy @foodonyourshirt (Pierre Lamielle) @sweetmamabrady (Me) @VincciT} I … [Read more...]

Food Network Star Is Back For Season Ten! Begins June 1st – Don’t Miss It! #FoodNetworkStar

If you haven't been watching, Food Network has a fabulous show called Food Network Star. It's a competion that challenges competitors to show what they've got. What makes them unique and why they should be the next new face on the Food Network. Returning this season are Alton Brown (my all time … [Read more...]