Poached Pears With Raspberry Sauce – Valentines Day Treat #Recipe #Repost

I have never made poached pears before. Sure, I've watched chefs on t.v. do it but I always hesitated in case I messed it up. You know, the pear goes soggy or tastes yucky cause it's warm. Well, I'm sorry I've never made them before because they couldn't be easier to do! Watching chefs, they make … [Read more...]

Easy Caprese Stuffed Portabella Mushrooms #Recipe

Dinner time can get a little stale. Sometimes you fall into a rut and find yourself cooking the same meals over and over again. I keep an eye out on FB and twitter for recipes that are new to me. If I have something specific in mind, I've scoured Pinterest as well. It's not always easy to find … [Read more...]

Overstuffed Tomatoes With Chicken And Provolone #Recipe

Before moving to Calgary back in 1989, I lived in Winnipeg. My mom always had a garden. After leaving home, so did I. Everything seemed to grow so nicely. I had cucumbers, lettuce, potatoes, peas and of course, tomatoes. They were big and juicy with a ton of flavour. There's nothing quite like … [Read more...]

Delivery Service That Will Open Your Kitchen To More @SkipTheDishes #Review #Giveaway

Last week, I was approached by SkipTheDishes to try out their delivery service. Now, I'd already heard about them, but never tried them. I figured, what's the difference between them and the way I already order takeout? Well, it turns out, there's quite a difference. In fact, SkipTheDishes opens the … [Read more...]

Something New At #Kellogg’s #Review #Giveaway

There's something new for 2017 and you're going to find it in your favourite grocery store. Kellogg's has eight new products for you to enjoy. That's something new for everyone! As a Kellogg's brand ambassador, I received a wonderful box of goodies. It contained all the new products for 2017. … [Read more...]

Bacon And Brussel Sprouts #Recipe #Healthy

Brussel sprouts. Just the name can send shivers up your spine. As a kid, they were definitely not a favourite of mine. I despised them! If I could sneak them into the garbage, I did! However, as I began cooking for myself, I decided it was high time to try these amazing vegetables again. After all, … [Read more...]

Chili Stuffed Sweet Potato #Healthy #Recipe

The sweet potato is an extremely versatile vegetable. Growing up, the only time I saw one, was in a stew. When we had potatoes, which was pretty much every day, they were reds or russet. Mom served them mashed with gravy. Up until a couple of years ago, I followed in my mothers footsteps. It's what … [Read more...]

Simple Lentil Soup #healthy #recipe

If you're like me, you over indulged during the holidays. That's okay though, enjoying delicious foods with friends and family, is wonderful! However, once the celebrating is done, I'm ready for some great, healthy dishes. Something that's really good for you, but I seldom hear about, is the … [Read more...]

Lemon Cookies – A Cake Mix Hack #Recipe

Once again, my oldest daughter was baking up a storm. This time, she made lemon cookies using a cake mix. I love cake mix hacks. It makes whipping up a batch of cookies quick and simple. No fuss, and pretty much fool proof. Since the flu made the rounds through our family this year, it cut back … [Read more...]

Starbelly Unveils A New Direction #yyc #restaurant #Giveaway

Back in November, I visited a new restaurant, Starbelly. Well, new to me, at least. It's not too far from home actually. A quick, 20 minute drive to Seton. Now, I've been to Seton many times, but didn't even realize that Starbelly was simply waiting for me. I have to admit, I tend to stick with … [Read more...]

Comfort Food – Ghoulash #Recipe

This season is so hectic, as you know. That's why I keep some handy, quick meals, in my back pocket. Comfort food that can be whipped up when needed. Dishes that don't require any extra shopping. Nine times out of ten, you already have the ingredients. Today, I'm sharing my ghoulish. It's … [Read more...]

Fruit And Chocolate Tortilla Dessert #recipe #TastyTuesday

This tortilla dessert was made by oldest daughter. I've yet to try it myself, because I wasn't invited to dinner. I'm just saying... Anyway, she sent me pictures, most likely to torture me, and I thought it looked super yummy! So, I asked her for the recipe so that I could try it and share with … [Read more...]