Today Marks A New Day And A New Year

I'm not a "glass half empty " or even a "glass half full" kinda gal. Instead, I believe my glass is refillable.┬áThat's how I try to live my life. No matter what occurs during the day, a new day is on the horizon. It's not always easy but each sunrise is its own opportunity. When the calandar … [Read more...]

It’s Holiday Party Season! @MolsonCDN67 Can Help With That

Festivus - A Seinfeld Holiday but one whose name seems to fit the Christmas/New Years season. Festivus just sounds like a series of festivals or celebrations. After all, that's what the holidays are all about, aren't they? Celebrations? Yes, even the sharing of grievances (as per Seinfeld), with … [Read more...]

Suzhou, China May Just Be Your Trip Of A Lifetime – Sweepstakes Announcement

At one time or another, we all dream about that trip of a lifetime. That one vacation that explores unknown places and provides adventure in a country many miles away. When I was younger, I'd look at a map and wonder. So many countries and so many … [Read more...]

Hi Ho Hi Ho Off To The Beach I Go

Picture found on Facebook Okay, okay! I know I just annoyed a bunch of you. My bad. Sorry, not sorry. I'm just super excited! I'm heading on vacation!! Yes, indeed. It's my anniversary in a few days (our 33rd). Even though we've been on many vacations, somehow, we never end up there on our … [Read more...]

Chinese New Year – The Year Of The Sheep

February 19th, 2015 will be Chinese New Year. This year, it is the year of the sheep. So happy Chinese New Year to all of my readers who celebrate. I myself, was born in the Year of the Tiger. According to the Chinese, the tiger is a symbol of power. My lucky numbers are 1, 3 and 4 and my lucky … [Read more...]

Happy New Year!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I just wanted to take a moment to wish all my readers a very Happy New Year. May 2015 be a year of fun, laughter and fulfillment. May your wishes come true and your dreams reality. We live in a truly blessed country with many benefits and much beauty. It is my hope that you and … [Read more...]

Making New Years Eve Resolutions? I’m Not

It's that time of year again. That time when many people stop and take a look at their lives and then vow to make changes. Big changes. Many changes. All of them to begin at 12:01 am on Jan 1st! It's time to stop the habit of New Years Eve Resolutions. Let's be realistic. We tend to make … [Read more...]

Auld Lang Syne – The Words

For many, many years now, I've been singing Auld Lang Syne New Years Eve. Well, sort of. If you're anything like me, you know some of the words and the rest you just kind of hum along too! This year, I decided it was high time I knew what I was singing about! I went on a search for the words. The … [Read more...]

Are You Ready? I Can’t Hear You!!!

Ah yes, it's just three sleeps before Christmas...and the gangs all here. Or will be soon! Are you ready? Can you ever truly be ready? You've less than three full days to pull it together. You ARE a miracle worker. You CAN do this! This is my current mantra... I think I can, I think I … [Read more...]

Have You Found Your Christmas Spirit?

This has been a tough year in sweetmamabrady's house. It began out okay, in fact, I remember talking to my mom last January and said, "I sure hope this year is going to be better than last". That's because last year was not so great. Mom had been ill, in and out of hospital. She was still … [Read more...]

Supreme Butterscotch Cookies #Recipe #HolidayBaking

I was searching around the internet for something besides a chocolate chip cookie. Don't get me wrong, I love them, but I wanted something different. I came across a recipe for Butterscotch Cookies. I tweaked it just a little to give it more of the butterscotch flavour. I came up with these, Supreme … [Read more...]

Beautiful Holiday Accents From Luxe Gold #BBNShops #ad

Still pondering your holiday decor? Or maybe lo0king for that special little gift? Gold is always in style. Especially gold ┬áholiday accents. Whether trimming the tree or adding a splash to your home, gold glitters and adds warmth along with that extra special touch. There are so many ways to go … [Read more...]