Searching For A Car? Try This

Sponsored Post The last time I went car shopping was back in 2011. We spent numerous weekends visiting dealers, asking questions, checking prices and finally, test driving. A very time consuming process. Personally, I could of found a thousand other things I'd rather be doing with my weekend. … [Read more...]

Using Coupons For More Than Groceries #GrouponCoupons #ad

Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Groupon. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own On Monday, I went and got a haircut. The young lady who cuts my hair, is awesome. She's chatty, and has a 9 year old daughter. Very close to my granddaughters age. We have a lot in common actually, … [Read more...]

Tidy Living Will Get You Organized @tidy_living #Review #Giveaway #CountdownToChristmas

Have you heard? Tidy Living is coming to Canada and the US. It's online shopping for all your organizational needs. No more excuses, because the savings are wonderful! For example, just for signing up to receive notice when they're online, you'll get 20% off! That's a wicked deal! So, just … [Read more...]

Beautiful Smooth Feet With @MICROPedi_CA #Giveaway #CountdownToChristmas

You can have beautiful, smooth feet again. I know, because I've used the MicroPedi over the last year. It was part of last years Countdown To Christmas, and I have the wonderful opportunity to offer it once again. It's an extremely gentle way of removing rough skin from your feet. As we age, we … [Read more...]

Online Christmas Shopping Is Easy With @LolaJeansdotca #CountdownToChristmas #Giveaway

When my girls were young, I always seemed to know just what would go over great at Christmas. Once they hit the pre-teen and beyond stage, it was usually hit and miss. Sometimes, I was pretty smug, thinking an overheard conversation was going to make me mom of the year. Nine times out of ten, by the … [Read more...]

Savings Are Huge When You Use #Groupon #Ad

This post has been sponsored. However, all thoughts are my own. Asus Transformer Book Flip I'm a little late to the party, the Groupon savings party. However, I was recently searching Groupon Goods, and was blown away by all the items available. The reason I hadn't jumped on the band wagon before, … [Read more...]

Treat Your Pet With @BigAlsAquarium #Giveaway

Most people have a pet whether it's a dog, cat, bird, fish or reptile and when you do, it's part of the family. I know I love my dog Portia. She's my little sweetheart and a big part of our family. We buy her quality food, cute collars and comfy beds. Not to mention all the toys she has and of … [Read more...]

Beautiful Holiday Accents From Luxe Gold #BBNShops #ad

Still pondering your holiday decor? Or maybe lo0king for that special little gift? Gold is always in style. Especially gold  holiday accents. Whether trimming the tree or adding a splash to your home, gold glitters and adds warmth along with that extra special touch. There are so many ways to go … [Read more...]

Jord Watches – The Unique Wood Watch @woodwatches_com #Giveaway #Review

It's been a very long time since I've worn a watch. Once I had my kids, I never really bothered. My hands were always in water or cooking and I didn't want to ruin it. I didn't go out a lot and when I did, I was usually with my husband who wore a watch. Once they got older, I'd grown so use to not … [Read more...]

Operation Smile And Campus Book Rentals – A Win-Win

Summers here but there's no rest for the wicked or students for that matter. There's always prep for the next year. For college and university students, the hunt begins again for affordable books. Tuition just keeps going up and departments just keep cutting costs. I've talked to you before … [Read more...]

Discover Your Own Neighbourhood With The New YP App #NewYP #Free

Have you been living in your neighbourhood for years or just moved there? How much do you think you know about where you live? I've moved a couple of times since I arrived in Calgary but stayed within a general area. During the week, I take several trips out for one thing or another. Sometimes it's … [Read more...]

So What’s The Truth About “It Works Body Wrap”? @NaturalWrap #Review

I'm a bit of a skeptic. No, that's not true. I'm a huge skeptic. I don't believe in ghosts or psychics, I don't believe in the magic diet pill and I certainly don't believe in "body shrinkage". However, there seems to be a lot of interest across social media about a product called "It Works Body … [Read more...]