3 Tips To Running Your Company From A Remote Location

Running a business can be tough work, not to mention costly at times. Leasing or owning an office building can be a great expense, not to mention paying all of the utility bills and maintenance costs. With the advancement in technology, many companies are opting to allowing their employees to work … [Read more...]

Blogging About Me – What You Most Likely Don’t Know

I've been blogging now for going on six years, which is kind of hard to believe. Frankly, it doesn't seem that long ago that I sat in an Italian restaurant in Mexico, asking my family what they thought about the idea of me, blogging. Imagine deer in headlights. There's nothing quite like a captive … [Read more...]

Learn About RESP’s @ #PLN & #CST Twitter Party

Many moons ago, as I raised my two girls, I worried about the cost of their education. University and College fees were constantly rising. We didn't have a lot of options. In today's world, we have RESP's which are extremely beneficial! That's very important as a secondary education is becoming more … [Read more...]

Emojis And The Sterotyping Of Girls #Always #LikeAGirl Be Unstoppable

You may or may not know that International Womens Day is March 8th, 2016. It's a day where women celebrate their achievements and pledge to take action where progress has yet to be made. One of those areas is emojis. Not really important in the scheme of things? Actually, I believe it is. More … [Read more...]

Time To Change Your Password

STOP TIME TO CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD How many times have you heard about the importance of changing your password? We all know it's true but many of us don't think about it often enough. I've come up with a plan that works for me. In my phone calandar, I've noted occasions that are special to me. … [Read more...]

One Day FREE App Is Now Available On Android! #OneDay4Android

I am so happy to announce that the free app, One Day is now available for Android! I recently wrote a post, including a long winded video of myself, spotlighting the iOS version. This app was so much fun to use, that I got carried away. It has so many great choices and changes up the questions … [Read more...]

Twitter Party Announcement!! #RBCFirstHome January 20th

It's time for an #RBCFirstHome twitter party. These parties are always fantastic and provide tons of information. Once again, RBC has invited such experts as a Lawyer, Realtor, Design, Home Builders, Home Experts and Mortgage experts. Get your questions ready and hashtag them #RBCFirstHome … [Read more...]

Photoshop Or Disturbing Trend?

Over the last few months I've seen more and more pictures posted on Facebook of children and animals in scary situations. I have to wonder if these are photoshopped or if it's a disturbing trend. I know that many think these pictures are "cute" and/or believe that mom/pet owner is right there but … [Read more...]

My Thirst For Speed Has Been Quenched! Website Update

You may have noticed recently that my website has been a little on the slow side. Thanks to all my wonderful readers, I've been growing. Quickly! It's wonderful news. The more people that visit, the more bandwidth that's necessary to keep my website loading as fast as possible. This past … [Read more...]

Beware The Wolf In Sheeps Clothing – Online Chatter

Every once in awhile, when you're getting too comfortable, the universe gives you a kick in the butt. It reminds you that there is a world outside your own. Why would I bring this up? Are you on twitter? Facebook? or any other social media site? Do you post? Do you read? Do you like or … [Read more...]

A Little Respect From Brands/Companies/PR Please

A fellow blogger wrote an excellent post a few days ago, gingermommy. The post is good because it speaks honestly. Social media has become as important to advertising as magazines or TV. Some would disagree but the truth is social media is instantaneous. It has large numbers and faithful … [Read more...]

Shes Connected Conference: A Few Pictures #SCCTO

Attending the Shes Connected Conference in Toronto Standing beneath the CN Tower McDonalds McCafe Lounge Ford Canada                 Sponsors, Chancesmommy and me, Adult Essentials (Deb) and me All my jewellry was … [Read more...]