Double Chocolate Cookie Bar Cake #recipe

I am always looking for great new ways to use a cake mix. On their own, they can be a little boring. However, they are quick, which causes a wee bit of a dilemma. Naturally, when I come across something fast, that uses a mix, well, I simply have to try it. That's what happened when I found a … [Read more...]

Rhubarb Blueberry Muffins #recipe

We all know that rhubarb and strawberries go together. However, did you know that blueberries with rhubarb is just as scrumptious? Well, it is, and my rhubarb blueberry muffins are going to prove it. Last week, I gave you a recipe for strawberry rhubarb pie. Since rhubarb is in such abundance … [Read more...]

Wookiee What I Got! #Recipe #streamteam #StarWars @Netflix_CA

Ok, alright! I know that may of been a bit of a cheesy title but I couldn't resist. It was right in front of me. Anyhow, if you're a star wars fan or if you're looking for a great activity for your kids, you have to check out these wookiee cookies! Don't they look awesome! I think I'm going … [Read more...]

Festive Friday – Maple Glazed Shortbread Cookies #Recipe

I love a melt in your mouth shortbread cookie. It's just so buttery and beautiful. For a change, I decided to take half my cookies and add a maple glaze drizzeled over top. Just something a little different to add a Canadian touch. You can fancy yours up by brushing on a light coat of glaze over the … [Read more...]

Countdown To Christmas Welcomes Hendrix Equipment @HendrixEquip #Giveaway

As someone who does a lot of cooking, I know the importance of having good equipment. If your accessories and pans are not good quality, food can over cook, under cook, burn, stick and all sorts of things. It can be extremely frustrating. Plus, it can be expensive to have to throw food away. It … [Read more...]

Tasty Tuesday – Cranberry Walnut Loaf #Recipe

Generally speaking, I don't make a lot of loaves. There's just Larry and I at home and I prefer to make individual desserts or cookies of some sort. At the holidays though, I love making loaves. The house smells wonderful when they're cooking and they slice up nicely for company. This … [Read more...]

Are You Ready? I Can’t Hear You!!!

Ah yes, it's just three sleeps before Christmas...and the gangs all here. Or will be soon! Are you ready? Can you ever truly be ready? You've less than three full days to pull it together. You ARE a miracle worker. You CAN do this! This is my current mantra... I think I can, I think I … [Read more...]

So Good So Simple Chocolate Peanut Butter Confetti Bars #Recipe

I know that most of you have either made or eaten these delicious bars sometime during your life. They're a favourite to make because they are super easy, only four ingredients and everyone loves them. I only make them during the holidays now. That's because there's just the two of us around most of … [Read more...]

Three Decadent Chocolate Goodies – One Cake Mix #Recipe #Easy

I'm sure you've heard, the holidays are coming. Yes, indeed. That means busy, busy, busy. So much planning, shopping, cooking and baking to get ready. I know, I've done it for years and it can be exhausting. I grew up in a home that went all out to celebrate Christmas. Large family gatherings, … [Read more...]

What Makes Your Day Simply Better? @edo_japan Wants To Know #Giveaway #SimplyBetter

My granddaughter is such an amazing young lady to have around. She's fun, interesting to talk to and likes to hear grandma's stories! I give her bonus points for that! It's such a joy when she visits. Just knowing that she's coming over can make my day simply better. It puts a smile on my face and … [Read more...]

Blueberry Loaf – Moist And Delicious #Recipe

Isn't summer great? Vacation, warm weather and amazing fresh fruit. One of the most yummy and antioxidant heavy fruits that are readily available at this time of year is the Blueberry. They have a bright, crisp, tangy deliciousness and I love them! A great way to put them to good use (besides … [Read more...]

Scrumptious Chocolate Banana Muffins #Recipe

So many times on my weekly fruit run, I ask whether or not banana's are wanted. The answer is usually "yes". The problem is, as soon as the skins start to go a little brown, noone eats them. That usually means baking time. I've made plain banana muffins and banana loaf but I decided I wanted … [Read more...]