In The News – September 20, 2012

In The News: A Headline and Summary September 13, 2012 - It's a bad day more September 14, 2012 - They don't send flowers in Russia? Full Story September 15, 2012 - What are the odds of this happening? … [Read more...]

Rising Country Music Star Codie Prevost #Review #Giveaway

Many, many months ago, I heard Codie Prevost sing for the first time. He sounded a little rough but engaging at the same time. He was definitely fine to look at and I decided this was someone to watch. A Canadian from Saskatchewan who was going places. The top of the country music charts I'm … [Read more...]

Environmentally Friendly Packing Nuts

Did you know that there are now environmentally friendly packing nuts? I can tell you that I didn't. I just figured all the ones I was sending to the dump were styrafoam. We have nowhere in Calgary, that I know of, that recycles styrafoam. Then the other day someone I know was watching Rachel Ray … [Read more...]

She’s A Maniac, Maniac: But Only A Closed Driving Course #FordEscape @FordCanada

Continuing on our adventures with @FordCanada we headed down to COP and a fabulous closed driving course that had been set up for us. We had professional drivers to show us the course and explain what we could do with the #FordEscape to try out its great features. First up, we got to hit the … [Read more...]

Vintage Ads – I Am So Hooked September 19, 2012

Vintage ads are a personal favourite of mine. They explore the past and show us how far/or not we’ve come in the world of marketing. I'm still trying to figure out why you would show babies wrapped in cellophane Picture found here Some of these vintage ads are sexist and even outrageous but … [Read more...]

Hands Free Parking With @FordCanada #FordEscape

Following our "road" incident, we headed on to CrossIronMills and the events that had been scheduled for us there by Ford Canada. They had an electric car, park assist, make a movie, treats and more. Since we were late and didn't want to hold up anyone any longer than necessary, my husband and I … [Read more...]

Stroke – What Are The Signs

First of all, let's define what a stroke actually is. It's an attack on your brain much as you would define a heart attack as an attack on your heart. This is extremely serious and needs medical attention immediately. The sooner the better. Warning signs can appear as soon as 7 days prior to a … [Read more...]

Tips On Tuesday – September 18, 2012

I've decided to create a new weekly posting on my blog. Tips on Tuesday will be a day for tips and tricks around the home. A few ideas for cooking, cleaning, storing or saving.  Today's Tips are ingredient substitutions 1. Apple sauce can be substituted for sugar. 1 cup of apple sauce has … [Read more...]

On The Road Again….Only One Flat Tire #FordEscape @FordCanada

Just over a week ago I attended an extraordinary event with @FordCanada. It began at the Hotel Arts where we all met up to begin the day. I had the good fortune to meet some amazing members of Ford and bloggers across Calgary. Once the days events had been highlighted we headed outdoors to … [Read more...]

Private School Expo: My Favorite School Memory #OKschoolMem

It's September and kids are all going back to school. School is such a big part of a childs life both socially and educationally. Lifelong friendships are formed and great memories developed. I can remember clearly the good days and the not so good days. My teachers that encouraged me and helped me … [Read more...]

Minimize Monday – Why Am I Keeping This? September 17, 2012

This minimize Monday, I finished cleaning out the closet in the office. It had all the winter and spring/fall jackets in it. Frankly, they didn't need to be in that closet at all. Our downstairs closet by the front hallway was empty. We had emptied it out for our daughters wedding in June and simply … [Read more...]

Experience #VHExcitement In Your Home Entertaining #Review/Giveaway @VHSauces

Since I love cooking at home I was excited to be asked to review VH Sauces. I'm a huge fan of their sauces and dips. All home cooks should keep some quick and easy meal plans in the ready. VH sauces can help you do that. You never know when you might find yourself with guests for dinner or just … [Read more...]