It’s Breakfast Time – Yes, It’s Still Important

We all know that breakfast is important. In fact, we find ourselves discussing the issue with our children. Sometimes, going out of our way to make it more interesting and appetizing for them. We've even created breakfast on the go, for those of us in a hurry. However, up until five or six … [Read more...]

Cereal And Milk – It’s A Great Way To Begin Your Day #Giveaway #Kellogg’s

We all know how important breakfast is in getting a good start to your day. It revs up your metabolism, gets your brain going and provides you with energy. One way to economically begin your day is with a simple bowl of cereal and milk. Kellogg's provides many nutritious cereals that when added … [Read more...]

The Importance Of Breakfast – Cereal And Milk Go A Long Way #Kellogg’s #DrTravisStork

We always been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That's true! You need to refuel your body, get your metabolism going and energize the brain. Dr Travis Stork, an Emmy nominated TV personality and board-certified emergency medicine physician, has partnered up with … [Read more...]

Breakfast Parfait At Under 100 Calories! Yummy

Breakfast Parfaits are delicious and refreshing. They're like having dessert for your morning meal. Pick and choose your ingredients to please your family and to shake it up a little bit. Those beautiful glasses are martini glasses from Crate and Barrel. A friend gave them to me. I don't drink … [Read more...]

Kellogg’s Has Some New Products – Gluten Free One As Well!

I've previously told you how much I enjoy Kellogg's Products. A staple in our house since I can remember. They're a trusted brand name and here's just another reason to love them. These brand new products! You'll be able to find them in store this month! There is even a a new gluten free … [Read more...]

Kellogg’s Has Always Been In My House – Today I Received This!

What an awesome day today was. Around mid-morning my doorbell rang and this package was delivered! … [Read more...]