Canada Day Is Coming! Here’s What I’m Wearing #shoes #Tips

Canada day is this weekend. We're 150 years old, and I think that's fabulous! We happen to have the good fortune to live in a great country. For instance, where else in the world but Canada, can you find such beauty? Our land mass is huge and we occupy so little of it. Therefore, we get to admire … [Read more...]

Canada Day Once A Year? Why Not All Month/All Year? #streamteam @Netflix_CA

We often hear about our neighbours down south and pride they have in their country. It's my belief that Canadians have just as much pride, they just don't show it as often. Canada Day is the one time all year that Canadians get out, enjoy Canada and the Canada Day celebrations. Our focus is on … [Read more...]

Not Your Everyday Canada Day Blog Post

I wanted to write about Canada Day. The truth is though, I didn't want to write the "usual" stuff. I'm so proud to be Canadian that I just want to show off what's ours. Time to pat ourselves on the back a little. Do a little showing off. Sometimes, as Canadians, we tend to stay in the shadows. We … [Read more...]