Canada Day Is Coming! Here’s What I’m Wearing #shoes #Tips

Canada day is this weekend. We're 150 years old, and I think that's fabulous! We happen to have the good fortune to live in a great country. For instance, where else in the world but Canada, can you find such beauty? Our land mass is huge and we occupy so little of it. Therefore, we get to admire … [Read more...]

Remember This…… #RemembranceDay

I live an extraordinary life in Canada. My friends, my family, my neighbors, all come from various walks of life. Myself, I come from British immigrants who arrived here more than 60 years ago. The opportunities I have are many and my freedoms are second to none. Everything I have and everything I … [Read more...]

Laws – Only In Canada Eh! #sillylaws

I wrote a post a few years ago about crazy Canadian laws. Laws that are still on the books but most likely not enforced. Since its been awhile, I thought I'd see what else is out there. So, here's 8 more silly Canadian laws for you to enjoy. 1. Resident of Quebec? Don't impersonate a … [Read more...]

Time For A #GuidingStarsCA Bonus When You #EatMoreStars

Back in January, I began helping my husband with his journey to healthier eating. I've been cooking much healthier for years, but he needed a little more understanding and a bit of a push. That's where he wanted my help. Then, in June, I began a journey of my own. A journey to the stars. I knew I … [Read more...]

Your Chance To #Win The HP Mini 5103 From @refurbio #Giveaway

Next to Christmas, Back to School is probably the most expensive time of year. Children grow over the summer and need new clothes. The school shopping list gets longer every year and the price of necessary electronics keeps going up. What to do, what to do? One way you can keep expenses down … [Read more...]

Not Your Everyday Canada Day Blog Post

I wanted to write about Canada Day. The truth is though, I didn't want to write the "usual" stuff. I'm so proud to be Canadian that I just want to show off what's ours. Time to pat ourselves on the back a little. Do a little showing off. Sometimes, as Canadians, we tend to stay in the shadows. We … [Read more...]

Beautiful Lashes In Your 50’s? Let’s Ask #RapidLash #Giveaway

Getting older has it's challenges. There's middle age spread which keeps you working twice as hard to maintain your weight. You tire easier and find some tasks, like opening a jar, a little more difficult than it used to be. Frankly, it's annoying. Even though I'm a touch over 50, I still feel, for … [Read more...]

Join The @HearMoreCanada Campaign And Protect Your Ears #Giveaway

How much do you know about your ears and ear health? For the most part, I thought hearing loss came with old age. I knew that some people were born with hearing loss or developed it early but I figured the majority was confined to the elderly. May is Better Hearing & Speech Month and Hear … [Read more...]

A Leader In Vacation Rentals – CanadaStays #Review #CanadaStays

Right now, I'm dreaming of my next vacation! I can hear your voices: Wait! What!? Didn't you just come back? I did! That's what has me dreaming. Well, that and Emily Rayson, COO (chief operating officer) of CanadaStays. We have a beautiful country. It's why so many people visit us every year. … [Read more...]

Your Super Bowl Isn’t Complete Without Fixin’s And Molson Canadian 67 #Giveaway @MolsonCDN67

*Winner must be of legal age in their province of residence We've reached that time of year when football fans across Canada, start planning their first big party of the year! It's Super Bowl XLIX! Coming at you on Feb 1st, 2015. (Patriot's household) Now, I've been posting about healthy … [Read more...]

Attention Teachers And Students!! Parks Canada – Canada’s Coolest School Trip #Contest Is Here!!

For the fourth year in a row, My Parks Pass Canada is hosting the most amazing contest for grade 8 students (secondary 2 in Quebec), in Canada. "An all-expense-paid trip to the stunning La Mauricie National Park and to historic sites of Québec City, including Lévis Forts, the Fortifications, … [Read more...]

Is Canada A Safe Place To Live?

My mother, in uniform for our allies the British On Wednesday, October 22, 2014, Ottawa's Parliament Hill came under attack. A soldier was shot at the National War Memorial. Sergeant-At-Arms Kevin Vickers took down the shooter. Sadly, the soldier, Cpl. Nathan Frank Cirillo, passed away.A friend … [Read more...]