Jeans – Wear Them Whenever You Want #giveaway #XmasCountdown2017 @LolaJeansdotca

I’m a jeans kind of gal. Sure, I love dressing up, once in awhile. Mostly though, it’s jeans for me. They’re comfy and wear well. Plus, you can dress them up, or stay casual. I remember when I first entered the work force. There was no such thing as casual Fridays. Going to work meant dress … [Read more...]

Rob Lowe Is Back With Skechers #Giveaway

I want to talk about Rob Lowe for a moment. After all, I'm feeling rather close to him these days. First , we're a mere two years apart in age, both had moms called Barbara, and live within a few thousand miles of each other. Second, I wear Skechers, he's back as the face of Skechers menswear … [Read more...]

Quality Jewelry That Won’t Break The Bank @WeLovePearls #Review #Giveaway CAN/US

In April, Larry and I will have been married for 35 years. We got married at the tender age of 20. Back then, marrying young, was not uncommon. The only pieces of quality jewelry I had, were my wedding rings. I didn't grow up with a lot of money, but I did grow up liking quality. I'd rather go with … [Read more...]

Start Your Week Off Right With @edo_japan Noodlefull Bowls #Giveaway

The last two weeks have been nasty, nasty! I've been suffering with a cold/flu type bug. Needless to say, you may of noticed I wasn't providing much content. Instead, I was moping around and cursing my muddled brain. Every time I thought I was getting better, something as simple as making dinner … [Read more...]

Pearls Of Wisdom And Beauty @welovepearls #Giveaway

Have you heard the saying, Pearls of Wisdom? It means those little pieces of information that are invaluable. Growing up and in early adulthood, I was fortunate enough to have some wonderful, older women around to give me these drops of wisdom. I didn't always understand them at the time, heck, I … [Read more...]

How Many Water Balloons Make A Fun Afternoon? #bunchoballoons #giveaway

When I was a kid, growing up in Winnipeg, I really looked forward to the summer. Winter was so long and bitterly cold that I couldn't wait for that short span of heat and sunshine. We didn't go away on vacation, instead I remember looking forward to riding my bike, community pools and the sprinkler! … [Read more...]

Wear Time With Beauty @woodwatches_com #Giveaway CAN/US

Time is extremely important to us. We never seem to have enough of it. Todays world has us running, planning, organizing, just to fit our day into a 24 hour period. Checking the time is a constant. Our phones even tell us the time. One thing I've noticed though, people aren't wearing time like … [Read more...]

Have A Holly Jolly Christmas From @Netflix_CA #streamteam #NetfliXmas #giveaway

I have watched so many shows with Netflix that I never even knew existed. It's provided hours of entertainment for myself and my family. I've binged on comedy, drama and even marvel series. It's a great way to bond with your kids and munch down on some homemade goodies too! Especially at the … [Read more...]

Getting Enough Sleep? Try @DormeoCanada Pillows #Giveaway #CountdownTo Christmas

Just how tired are you? Surveys show that Canadians are getting much less sleep than previous generations. In fact, 20% report getting five hours or less in a night. When you consider the fast paced and stressful lives we're leading, this means health problems just waiting to happen. Sleeping is … [Read more...]

Your Chance To #Win The HP Mini 5103 From @refurbio #Giveaway

Next to Christmas, Back to School is probably the most expensive time of year. Children grow over the summer and need new clothes. The school shopping list gets longer every year and the price of necessary electronics keeps going up. What to do, what to do? One way you can keep expenses down … [Read more...]

Beautiful Lashes In Your 50’s? Let’s Ask #RapidLash #Giveaway

Getting older has it's challenges. There's middle age spread which keeps you working twice as hard to maintain your weight. You tire easier and find some tasks, like opening a jar, a little more difficult than it used to be. Frankly, it's annoying. Even though I'm a touch over 50, I still feel, for … [Read more...]

Is There A Strawberry Shortcake Fan In Your House? #Review #Giveaway CAN/US

There's sure to be lots of children out there that are huge fans of Strawberry Shortcake. On May 12th, the newest Strawberry Shortcake: Berry Best in Show is coming to DVD. As you well know, Strawberry Shortcake and friends, live in Berry Bitty City and they now have some cute, cuddly, furry friends … [Read more...]