Chicken Thighs In Balsamic #Easy #Recipe

Chicken is one of those ingredients that we put on the table, on a regular basis. It's economical and extremely versatile. Since Larry loves the legs and thighs, whereas I prefer the white meat, serving chicken in our home works out great! At least, It did! A few weeks ago, I came across a … [Read more...]

A Lightened Version Of Sesame Chicken #Recipe

Last week, I was going through my freezer and taking inventory. It's that time of year when I want to spend less time cooking and more time outdoors. I prep for this by making extra meals and freezing them. While organizing, I noticed that I still have quite a few chicken breasts in the freezer. I … [Read more...]

Homemade BBQ Sauce In A Snap #Easy #Recipe #Chicken #Pork

Saturday afternoon we had a bbq and invited over some friends. I decided to make chicken wings on the grill but didn't want use a store bought sauce. After much searching on the internet and Bobby Flay's BBQ addiction, I came up with a fabulous homemade bbq sauce you'll want to eat right off the … [Read more...]

Slow Cooker Sweet and Sour Chicken #Recipe #Easy

Yesterday, I told you all about the fabulous new Smart Pot Slow Cooker from Crock-Pot. I mentioned a delicous Sweet and Sour Chicken recipe that I've made. Today, I thought I'd post that recipe for all of you to enjoy along with a picture of the finished product. It's so easy to make and the … [Read more...]

I”m Anti-Naked And It’s Delicious: Chicken Of Course #NoNakedChicken @chickenfarmers

Chicken is a staple in Canadian households or if not, it should be! This delicious, tasty bird can be done in so many different ways. Plus it's lean and healthy. A great addition to your diet with good protein. I have so many exciting ways to "dress up" my chicken that it never, ever goes naked! … [Read more...]

KFC When You Are Trying To Lose Weight? Absolutely! I’ll Show You

It's amazing to me how many people cut their favourite foods out of their diet when they are trying to lose a few pounds. Take KFC chicken for example. My husband and I love it! I have no intention of giving it up but neither do I want to gain weight. What to do? Eat Smart … [Read more...]

Getting Tired Of The Same ‘Ol Chicken Dinner?

Over the years, I have made countless meals with chicken. First, it is reasonably priced and second, it is a healthier meat to use than red meat. The problem I have is trying to figure out a different way of getting chicken to the table. If I get bored cooking it then my family must get bored of … [Read more...]

Dinner Under 500 Calories: Chicken and Rice With Chinese Veggies

Chinese food is a favorite of mine. They have such unique flavours in their dishes and they provide alot of vegetables. I'm not so good at whipping up an entire Chinese Food Fest, so I stick with what I can and work around it. The beauty of stir fry vegetables is that you can use whatever types … [Read more...]

Weekend BBQ – Rotisserie Style

I love the weekends especially during the summertime. That's bbq season. You can put anything you like on the barbeque and it just seems to taste better. The traditional favorites would of course be hotdogs, hamburgers and smokies. Pizza is great too! Then theres bbq chicken. Now this can be tricky. … [Read more...]