Surprise, It’s Suprizamals! #Review #Giveaway

As you all know, I'm an empty nester. Therefore, I'm not current with all the new toys. However, I do have an awesome granddaughter who lets me in on one or two of them. Especially around birthdays and Christmas! As well, I occasionally find myself on the receiving end of some fantastic new … [Read more...]

The PlasmaCar Is For Kids…But Grownups Like It Too #Giveaway #USA #Canada #CountdownToChristmas

Since becoming a grownup, I don't have as much fun as I used too. To clarify, perhaps it's a different kind of fun. Yet, I miss that "kid" fun. The freedom to be silly. For example, this past summer when I visited my granddaughter, I took her to the bouncy houses. Grownups are frowned upon if … [Read more...]

Crafts And Toys For Hours Of Fun #Beados #LittleLivePets #GlitziGlobes #Giveaway

Is it just me, or do toys just seem to get more fun all the time? Every year, there are new toys and crafts coming out that I just love! Fortunately, I have a granddaughter I can get them for. Yes, I may be getting them for myself too :) It just looks better when a child is helping you with a new … [Read more...]