Double Chocolate Cookie Bar Cake #recipe

I am always looking for great new ways to use a cake mix. On their own, they can be a little boring. However, they are quick, which causes a wee bit of a dilemma. Naturally, when I come across something fast, that uses a mix, well, I simply have to try it. That's what happened when I found a … [Read more...]

Fruit And Chocolate Tortilla Dessert #recipe #TastyTuesday

This tortilla dessert was made by oldest daughter. I've yet to try it myself, because I wasn't invited to dinner. I'm just saying... Anyway, she sent me pictures, most likely to torture me, and I thought it looked super yummy! So, I asked her for the recipe so that I could try it and share with … [Read more...]

A Twist On The Classic Rice Pudding Courtesy Of #MinuteRice #Recipe

The second recipe that I want to share with you from Minute Rice, is a twist on the classic rice pudding. I'd thought I'd share dessert since I previously shared their rice lasagna. I've not yet tried it myself but it sure does look good! Don't forget, until June 5th, 2015, you can enter to win … [Read more...]

There’s Something Weirdly Good About This

How many times have you hesitated about trying something just because it didn't sound right? Let me give you an example. Peanut butter on hot dogs. That's right! I've been eating my hot dogs with peanut butter since my early teens. Sounds crazy I know but it's weirdly good. Well, recently, … [Read more...]

So Good So Simple Chocolate Peanut Butter Confetti Bars #Recipe

I know that most of you have either made or eaten these delicious bars sometime during your life. They're a favourite to make because they are super easy, only four ingredients and everyone loves them. I only make them during the holidays now. That's because there's just the two of us around most of … [Read more...]

Scrumptious Chocolate Banana Muffins #Recipe

So many times on my weekly fruit run, I ask whether or not banana's are wanted. The answer is usually "yes". The problem is, as soon as the skins start to go a little brown, noone eats them. That usually means baking time. I've made plain banana muffins and banana loaf but I decided I wanted … [Read more...]