Cleaning May Be Necessary But It Sucks

Cleaning may be necessary, but Im getting so tired of it! Every day it's same thing. You go around picking up crap and putting it back where it belongs. Then you load the dishwasher with dishes that materialized overnight. Next, you get to clean up the rest of the kitchen which got destroyed before … [Read more...]

The Newest And Coolest Accessory Is Here #LetsTalkBums Cottonelle

There's always some new accessory coming out that's a "must have" for us when we venture out of the house. These are usually for making our lives a little easier or a little better or a little cuter. It could be the newest phone on the market or those fashionable scarves or the radical mens runners … [Read more...]

Household Odors? Pets? Cooking? It Gets Into Your Carpets So Vacuum And Refresh With #Febreze #Bissell #Review

Everyday life can leave a stink behind. That's not surprising as a lot of stuff goes on in our homes on a daily basis. Kids, cooking, pets, accidents, you name it. Did you know that these odors can seep into carpets and stay there? We've all walked into someones house and instantly known what … [Read more...]

Who Let The Dirt Out? I’m Looking At You @PurexCanada #giveaway

A little while ago I had the pleasure of receiving a new product. A liquid laundry detergent. Now the product was new but the brand is not. I've been using it for years. Why? 1. It doesn't react with my husbands skin 2. It keeps my clothes clean 3. It's reasonably priced. All of which … [Read more...]

Tips On Tuesday – February 28th, 2012

I've decided to create a new weekly posting on my blog. Tips on Tuesday will be a day for tips and tricks around the home. A few ideas for cooking, cleaning, storing or saving. This week I'd like to share a few tips on cleaning. 1. To whiten an older stained sink, pour in 1/2 cup of salt and scrub … [Read more...]