SC Johnson Launches Happy Thanksgathering #USA #Contest

Happy Thanksgathering Thanksgiving is such a wonderful time to spend with family and friends. Yet, when you can't join them in the celebrations, Thanksgiving becomes a sadder occasion. In fact, a survey done showed that almost half of all Americans said they'd skip … [Read more...]

Suzhou, China May Just Be Your Trip Of A Lifetime – Sweepstakes Announcement

At one time or another, we all dream about that trip of a lifetime. That one vacation that explores unknown places and provides adventure in a country many miles away. When I was younger, I'd look at a map and wonder. So many countries and so many … [Read more...]

Back To School University Style With @CanadianTire #StudentLife #Contest #Giveaway

It's back to school time for many families. In my family, that means University. My oldest daughter is working on her Masters and it sure hasn't been easy. Not for her and not for us. While she worked on her BA, she was able to attend school right here in Calgary. It meant she could live with her … [Read more...]

Your #MinuteRice Now Comes In Ready To Serve Cups #Giveaway

How many times a week do you eat fast food? Do you run out to get it or order in? I admit to twice a week. Plus, there's usually one time that I pop something frozen in the oven. I get tired, and I just want to eat. Nothing wrong with that at all, however, what if I told you that you could make … [Read more...]

Celebrating My New Deck With @Sobeys #BetterBurger #BetterFoodForAll

Summertime in Canada is a little on the short side. Here in Calgary, our June is usually rainy and grey. This is followed up by two months of lovely weather and a, "toss of the coin", fall. So, one thing I like to do, is spend as much time outdoors as I can! I like celebrating summer. Large … [Read more...]

Penne “Rice” Pudding #Catelli #GlutenFree #Recipe #ContestAnnouncement

Wow! Was I ever offered the challenge of a liftetime. Perhaps I made it more challenging than need be, but why not? Catelli asked me it I'd like to create a dish using their gluten free pasta as a main ingredient. It could be breakfast, dinner, snack or even dessert. Their Gluten Free Pasta is … [Read more...]

Let’s #TryItHot With #Kellogg’s Cereals #Review #Giveaway

It's been a wicked winter and mornings have called for fuzzy slippers and fireplaces. Getting our children and ourselves ready for another day means a hearty breakfast and bundling up for the weather. That's not always easy, especially if time is limited. Plus, we all know how fussy our kids can … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Giving Begins With @CardSwap #Giveaway

  If you've not yet heard of CardSwap, you are truly missing out. This Canadian company was founded in 2009 and gives you so many options on what you'd like to do with those gift cards you can't use and offers you the opportunity to purchase those gift cards that others can't use and … [Read more...]

Attention Teachers And Students!! Parks Canada – Canada’s Coolest School Trip #Contest Is Here!!

For the fourth year in a row, My Parks Pass Canada is hosting the most amazing contest for grade 8 students (secondary 2 in Quebec), in Canada. "An all-expense-paid trip to the stunning La Mauricie National Park and to historic sites of Québec City, including Lévis Forts, the Fortifications, … [Read more...]

Put A Sparkle In Someone’s Eye This Holiday Season With Earrings From @welovepearls #PearlParadise #Giveaway

Marilyn Monroe said that "Diamonds are a girls best friend". Coco Channel stated "A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls" and an unknown author is quoted as saying "The pearl is the queen of gems and the gem of queens". I agree with them all. I also believe in "All that glitters is gold"! Pearl … [Read more...]

Top Tech Tips For Students – Marc Saltzman Includes #Giveaway

Top Tech Tips for Students Five tips for success this school year - Marc Saltzman Between their school workloads, extracurricular activities and part-time jobs, students have enough weighing on their minds this fall. They need tools that they can depend to make their student lives easier – … [Read more...]

smarTrike – A Revolutionary 4 In 1 Tricycle For Ages 10mths – 3 Years #Giveaway

I've seen some pretty neat strollers in the past and some really cute trikes but I've never seen anything like the smarTrike! I so wish I had a tiny grandbaby I could get this for. They'd be the coolest kid on the block. Tell me it's simply not the best of both worlds. You begin with a … [Read more...]