Rhubarb Blueberry Muffins #recipe

We all know that rhubarb and strawberries go together. However, did you know that blueberries with rhubarb is just as scrumptious? Well, it is, and my rhubarb blueberry muffins are going to prove it. Last week, I gave you a recipe for strawberry rhubarb pie. Since rhubarb is in such abundance … [Read more...]

Countdown To Christmas Welcomes Hendrix Equipment @HendrixEquip #Giveaway

As someone who does a lot of cooking, I know the importance of having good equipment. If your accessories and pans are not good quality, food can over cook, under cook, burn, stick and all sorts of things. It can be extremely frustrating. Plus, it can be expensive to have to throw food away. It … [Read more...]

Tasty Tuesday – Stuffed Acorn Squash #recipe

I love trying out new fruits and vegetables. New to me is the acorn squash. Oh, I've seen it before. Many times, in fact. I couldn't help but see it because I've been cooking various squash for years. It's just that I kept to what I knew. It's easier to feed a family when you know what you're … [Read more...]

Your #MinuteRice Now Comes In Ready To Serve Cups #Giveaway

How many times a week do you eat fast food? Do you run out to get it or order in? I admit to twice a week. Plus, there's usually one time that I pop something frozen in the oven. I get tired, and I just want to eat. Nothing wrong with that at all, however, what if I told you that you could make … [Read more...]

Cooking And Learning From Chef Lynn Crawford And #Catelli #Giveaway

Wow! I just have to tell you guys what a fantastic evening I had last Tuesday. No, I didn't go partying for St. Patrick's Day, I did something better! I headed on down to SAIT Culinary Institue here in Calgary, and sat down to listen and learn from Chef Lynn Crawford. What an exciting moment for … [Read more...]

Are You Ready? I Can’t Hear You!!!

Ah yes, it's just three sleeps before Christmas...and the gangs all here. Or will be soon! Are you ready? Can you ever truly be ready? You've less than three full days to pull it together. You ARE a miracle worker. You CAN do this! This is my current mantra... I think I can, I think I … [Read more...]

Let’s Get Cooking With @Calphalon Cookware #Giveaway #Review

I spend a fair amount of time in the kitchen both cooking and cleaning up afterwards. I don't mind though because I enjoy cooking. It relaxes me and I love it when I make something that people really enjoy. When you love food and cooking though, you need great cookware. Your average pot won't do … [Read more...]

A Wonderful Mothers Day #Giveaway From @HendrixEquip Pie Anyone?

Growing up, one of my favorite memories is waking up on Sunday mornings to freshly baked goods. It was my mom's day where she baked everything we needed for the week. There was fresh bread, scones and pies (savory and sweet). What a delicious way to wake up! I did a lot of baking for my own … [Read more...]

Aubecq FryPan From @HendrixEquip Is Perfect For Healthier Cooking #Review #Giveaway

Food! It's a necessity of life and something you already know I adore. Personally, I love cooking but I know not everyone does. Eating out is not always an option because it's costly and usually not as healthy as we should be eating! What I've found though is that cooking can be a lot more fun … [Read more...]

Slow Cooker Sweet and Sour Chicken #Recipe #Easy

Yesterday, I told you all about the fabulous new Smart Pot Slow Cooker from Crock-Pot. I mentioned a delicous Sweet and Sour Chicken recipe that I've made. Today, I thought I'd post that recipe for all of you to enjoy along with a picture of the finished product. It's so easy to make and the … [Read more...]

Experience #VHExcitement In Your Home Entertaining #Review/Giveaway @VHSauces

Since I love cooking at home I was excited to be asked to review VH Sauces. I'm a huge fan of their sauces and dips. All home cooks should keep some quick and easy meal plans in the ready. VH sauces can help you do that. You never know when you might find yourself with guests for dinner or just … [Read more...]

Guest Blogger Post: Dishing It Up – Ground Beef & Hamburger Steaks

Dishing It Up: Ground Beef & Hamburger Steaks From the Freezer THEME: My posts aren't necessarily about meals that are ready to heat and eat, but instead I prep ALL of my meat before I put it into the freezer. This saves me TONS of time when I'm ready to cook, because my meats are already … [Read more...]