Yes, I Sleep With A Ratty Old Elephant

This may not look like an elephant to you. However, I assure you it is. Perhaps it's a little worn out, but Portia still loves it. We bought this for Portia shortly after we brought her home. That makes it well over 3 years old. She carries this around on a daily basis. It's her favourite toy … [Read more...]

New @DogforDog Treats In Canada At Your Local #PetSmart – Buy 1 Give 1 Program #DOGforDOGPetSmart

How many of you know my pup, Portia? A pure bred Havanese, born on Halloween. She's the perfect family pet. Fun loving, easily trained and loves everyone! We feed her an organic dog food that she absolutely loves. Treats are wholesome and healthy. The macintosh apple is her favourite. We're very … [Read more...]

Human Food – Just What Can You Feed Your Dog?

Look at that adorable face. How can you deny her a little treat? She watches you eating your yummy human food and it smells so good! Well, you don't have to deny her (or him). At least, to an extent. There are lots of human foods that dogs can have, but only in small amounts. You have to be … [Read more...]

Nutrience Grain Free Dog Food – What I’ve Learned #ad #NutrienceFit

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post with Mums The Word Network and Nutrience. All opinions are my own I have a wonderful Havanese dog we called Portia. She has a ton of energy, loves to play and is a good eater. Portia loves soccer and her squeaky toys, especially her tennis balls that Daddy … [Read more...]

The Terrible Two’s Have Arrived Early #Puppy

Don't let this precious pup, all curled up sweetly in her bed, under my desk, fool you. She's adorable, I love her to bits and she turns one on October 30th. However, I feel she's caught the terrible two's a little early! Oh yes, here's how my day begins. (You may recognize this if you … [Read more...]