Summertime Fun – My Adventures 2017 Part 1

You may of noticed a lack of posts this summer. That's because summertime is meant to be outdoor time. Sunshine, family, friends and fun. So far, I've been having an amazing bunch of summertime fun.   We've played games like Jenga, checkers and go fish with family. Of course, that was … [Read more...]

Turkey Dinner Last Thursday? There’s A Reason For That

Last Thursday, September 1st, 2016, I cooked turkey dinner. It wasn't a full blown, fancy dinner like you might have at Christmas. This was a toned down version. Very simple, but tasty nonetheless. Although this wasn't a holiday celebration, it was a tribute to my mum. She passed away on September … [Read more...]

Parenthood – My Quick Take On The Stages Of Child Rearing #Humour

The joys of parenthood. I say that both with affection and a touch of sarcasm. Why? Parenthood is a roller coaster ride. Sometimes it feels like you're about to head off the track. Since there is no manual, we do the best we can. The baby is a blessing, all warm and cuddly, smells amazing and … [Read more...]

My Journey North Was Warmer Than Expected

I am a lover of the beach, the sun and the ocean. There is only one thing that can drag me north in the Canadian prairies during the heart of winter. That, my friends, is my granddaughter. In the past, Saskatoon has been cruel. It's not a journey for the faint of heart. You must muster up … [Read more...]

Countdown To Christmas Welcomes The Orginal Turducken Bacon Roast @EchelonFoods #Giveaway

Everyone knows that Christmas is my favourite time of year. I enjoy everything about the season. The shopping, wrapping, baking, visiting, friends, family and laughter. Sharing meals and making memories. For me, dinner time always means great conversations and holiday meals are no exception. It's … [Read more...]

Has It Been A Year Already? #RIP #Mom – I Miss You

I'm not usually at a loss for words but this is a hard post to write. How do you express such sense of loss? This year went so quickly, when I expected it to last forever. So many days and hours and change. Your great granddaughter is seven and had her first sleepover with us. I've made new … [Read more...]

A Little About My Vacation To The Finest – The Kids Area & My Thoughts @excellencegroup

To wrap up my series of posts on the Finest, I wanted to let you in on what's available for your children. Well first, at anytime you may see one of many characters wandering around. Perhaps Franklin the turtle, Spider-Man or the Mario Brothers. You may even see some pirates fighting it out on … [Read more...]

Do You Have A Definition For Family? @Netflix_CA #StreamTeam

Not too, too long ago, the family was known as mom and dad plus 2.5 kids. We are much more realistic these days and understand that families are more than that and they come in varying packages. You can have mom and dad, mom and mom, dad and dad, single mom, single dad etc, etc. Families are … [Read more...]

Thinking Of You This Mothers Day #RIP I Miss You

  A little over eight months ago, I lost you in life. It's one of the saddest days in memory for me. Such heartbreak as I'd just left you the day before and promised you I'd return in a couple of days. I can see you smile and nod, blowing kisses as I left the room. Your arms still touch … [Read more...]

Hospice Care – Fact VS Fiction And What It Means For Families

Knowing that a family member is dying, is hard to deal with. That's fact. I know first hand about that. What's best for that person, can be a struggle. I know this too. We want our loved ones to be comfortable and unafraid. A lot of people want to die at home. A place they know and love and can have … [Read more...]

Have You Met My Nephew Jeff Evans Todd? I Bet You’ve Seen Him #Actor

I'm so darn proud of my nephew, I thought it's time I introduced him to you. Meet, Jeff Evans Todd. My nephew, an intelligent and creative man. Someone who followed his soul and found his destination. He's an actor on the west coast and you may have seen him. Perhaps you're familiar with … [Read more...]

Who Adores The Penguins Of Madagascar? #Giveaway

How can you not adore the cute little penguins in Penguins of Madagascar? They're so darn cuddly. The movie is funny and entertaining for the entire family and it arrives on Blu-ray and DVD this March 17th! Bonus: It comes with two hopping Penguin Toys but only for a limited time! Imagine the smile … [Read more...]