Summertime Fun – My Adventures 2017 Part 1

You may of noticed a lack of posts this summer. That's because summertime is meant to be outdoor time. Sunshine, family, friends and fun. So far, I've been having an amazing bunch of summertime fun.   We've played games like Jenga, checkers and go fish with family. Of course, that was … [Read more...]

Yes, I’m Thankful, Even Amongst My Grief. There’s Much To BE #ThankFALL For! #Giveaway

On September 1st, 2014, my mother passed away. This Thanksgiving I am grateful, humbled and #ThankFALL. I give thanks that during the first week of August, I spent 5 days with my mother. We laughed, we talked, we ate and we shared. Then, I put her into the hospital. She was no longer able to … [Read more...]

Personalize The Holidays This Year With Gifts From Ornaments With Love @ornamentslove #Giveaway #HolidayGiftGiving

Gift giving can get tricky and expensive. Trying to find that special item for that special person becomes harder each year. One of the things that I like to do is commemorate the occasion. Get something that is both personal and will hold memories for years to come. Sound hard? Not … [Read more...]

I’m Looking For A Friend With A Pool – A Classified Ad

Okay, some of you have jumped into reading this post aghast that I could be so rude. Surely, I must be joking? Nope, not at all. I'm simply honest. Now come on, before you tear me apart, unless you have a pool of your own, you've often thought this during sweltering summer days. At least I'm … [Read more...]

Beware The Wolf In Sheeps Clothing – Online Chatter

Every once in awhile, when you're getting too comfortable, the universe gives you a kick in the butt. It reminds you that there is a world outside your own. Why would I bring this up? Are you on twitter? Facebook? or any other social media site? Do you post? Do you read? Do you like or … [Read more...]

Band Camp! I Never Went But I Remember This One Time

You know that movie "American Pie" and the famous line "one time at band camp"? Totally hilarious and supremely famous. As I said, I never attended band camp. I can't play a note on a single instrument but I love my music. All kinds of it. Except rap. Never did get into that and never will. Oh … [Read more...]

This Is My Goodbye – R.I.P Merv

This is my goodbye - R.I.P. Merv A little over two years ago, I went on the most amazing trip. However, it wasn't the mode of transportation or even the destination that made this trip special. It was the people I met and shared a boat with for seven days. In particular, one man and his beautiful … [Read more...]

It Pays To Persist! Not All #Brands And #PRReps Hold Depression Or Anxiety Against You

It Pays To Persist! A few months ago I told you about the struggles I had been having with depression and anxiety. You can read those posts here and here. I took a leave from blogging to try and pull myself together. I'm much better but still working on it as I imagine I will for a long … [Read more...]

With A Little Help From My Friends – I’m Pretty Darn Lucky

Over the last 5 or 6 six days, I've seen some strange things going on. I've been kind of down in the dumps for a few weeks and these things just make you go <sigh>. Life happens and it can be hard to pick yourself up by yourself. That's where my friends jumped in. Sometimes you just need … [Read more...]

Out With The Old – Some Great Memories Though!

Out with the old, in with the new at least that's what they say. The New Year may be arriving but the old one holds lots of great memories for me. I will never forget my trip to the Bahamas. A present from my husbands boss and a life changing experience for me.This is where I began my journey to … [Read more...]