Poached Pears With Raspberry Sauce – Valentines Day Treat #Recipe #Repost

I have never made poached pears before. Sure, I've watched chefs on t.v. do it but I always hesitated in case I messed it up. You know, the pear goes soggy or tastes yucky cause it's warm. Well, I'm sorry I've never made them before because they couldn't be easier to do! Watching chefs, they make … [Read more...]

Decadent Yet Healthy Banana Split #Recipe

Yes, I said it! A healthy banana split! Simply delicious. You won't believe this is healthy eating. Listen, the trick is to remember that food is not bad for you. How much you eat of it, however, can be. In this case, I've combined a generous portion of healthy fruits along with chocolate and … [Read more...]