A Great Pass Time For Tired Mums – Bingo

If you are a mother to be, make sure you are prepared for the changes in your life. I distinctly remember when I had my first child (surely it was the best feeling ever), my world turned upside down. I know how priorities change after having kids. Taking care of the little one while running errands … [Read more...]

How To Have Fun And Learn At The Same Time? #GS Preschool Games #FREE #App

If you read yesterday's post then you know all about my granddaughter visiting. If you've read other posts, you know I love writing about her and that she loves to "work" on grandma's computer. This time when she visited, I asked her if she'd like to help grandma with some special work. I told … [Read more...]

3 Videogames You Can Only Win By Not Playing

3 Videogames You Can Only Win By Not Playing Many of us play videogames because we want to be the hero. We want to save the day, get the girl, kill the evil mastermind. Even in games like Grand Theft Auto there’s plenty of back story to explain why it’s fine you just ran down twenty eight … [Read more...]

Are You A Gamer? What Does That Mean Anyway?

I hear the expression, are you a gamer or my husbands a gamer, on a regular basis. So I wondered what does that really mean anyway? I used to think that a gamer was someone who dedicated hours and hours and hours of time playing games through their x-box or ps3 with other people across the … [Read more...]

#Hasbro Game Of Life Zapped Edition A #Review (Even Brooke Burke Wants To Play)

When I was growing up I didn't have a cell phone, an iPod, an iPad or even a tv remote! Heck, I was the remote! We had to actually get up to change the channel. What I did have though was board games. Classics like The Game of Life. With all the technology out there now, it's hard to get older … [Read more...]