5 Reasons To Invest In A Meal Delivery Service

Why have a meal delivery service? Well, imagine having a stressful, long day at work and all you want to do is go home, eat, then sleep. However, when you get home, you find that there’s no food prepared and you will have to do the cooking yourself. It can get tiring, and many people opt for … [Read more...]

Butternut Squash Ravioli #recipe

Last week, my oldest daughter was in the mood to cook. Thankfully, she was also thinking of her mom and popped over to give me a sampler of her latest vegetarian dish, butternut squash ravioli. Now, her and her husband have not turned vegetarian, they've simply decided to eat less meat and … [Read more...]

Bacon And Brussel Sprouts #Recipe #Healthy

Brussel sprouts. Just the name can send shivers up your spine. As a kid, they were definitely not a favourite of mine. I despised them! If I could sneak them into the garbage, I did! However, as I began cooking for myself, I decided it was high time to try these amazing vegetables again. After all, … [Read more...]

Chili Stuffed Sweet Potato #Healthy #Recipe

The sweet potato is an extremely versatile vegetable. Growing up, the only time I saw one, was in a stew. When we had potatoes, which was pretty much every day, they were reds or russet. Mom served them mashed with gravy. Up until a couple of years ago, I followed in my mothers footsteps. It's what … [Read more...]

Back To School Back To Work #Kelloggs Has You Covered #Giveaway

It's back to school time and everyone is scrambling for great back to school lunches and snacks. For myself, it's back to work. For my husband, it's what can I grab on the way out the door? Believe it or not, I have an answer to all three, thanks to Kellogg's. First, let's talk kids. They … [Read more...]

Chicken And Cabbage Pasta #TastyTuesday #recipe

One of my favourite dishes is Lazy Mans Cabbage Rolls. (Recipe HERE) It's super easy and a great way to add vegetables to your dinner menu. Many times I'm asked about simple but healthy dishes. In particular, one reader is always asking me for more cabbage recipes. Therefore, I've been working on … [Read more...]

Vegetable Beef Barley Soup #Recipe

Winter months in Canada are great for serving up flavour rich soups for dinner. Personally, I'd enjoy a bowl or two more often than I make them. The wonderful thing about homemade soup is the ability to double up and freeze some for another night. One hearty favourite is my vegetable beef barley … [Read more...]

Sweet And Sour Cauliflower Shrimp #Recipe

Not everyone enjoys cooking as much as I do. So, I try to help out by sharing recipes I've learned over the years or create out of necessity. My recipes are usually quite simple without all the fancy ingredients. I want to cook with foods I know and understand. Foods that I buy on a regular basis. … [Read more...]

Tasty Tuesday – Crockpot Lazy Mans Cabbage Rolls – #Recipe

Winter is coming, school is back in and the holidays approach. That means busy days ahead. Out comes the crockpot! A wonderful tool that should be in every household. Not only is it a time saver but most recipes for the crockpot are economical as well. As an added bonus, they make your house smell … [Read more...]

Time For A #GuidingStarsCA Bonus When You #EatMoreStars

Back in January, I began helping my husband with his journey to healthier eating. I've been cooking much healthier for years, but he needed a little more understanding and a bit of a push. That's where he wanted my help. Then, in June, I began a journey of my own. A journey to the stars. I knew I … [Read more...]

I Followed The Stars And Found Myself Pleased With The Results #PCStars #GuidingStars

Last month, I wrote a post about the Loblaws Guiding Stars program. A journey that I'm taking to increase the healthier items in my shopping cart. Since I've been trying to eat healthier, I figured I should do pretty good with my first trip on PC Plus program where I can check to see how well I … [Read more...]

There’s A Fresh New Way To Healthy Eating – Loblaws Guiding Stars #PCStars #GuidingStarsCA

At least once a week, I hit the grocery store. Occasionally, I have to add in a second trip, to top up the fresh produce. My biggest problem grocery shopping is knowing what's healthy and what's not. Since January, Larry and I have been enjoying a healthier diet. More fish, less red meat, more … [Read more...]