Ham And Black Bean Soup #recipe

One of the things I enjoy during the winter, is a hearty bowl of soup. Especially, a homemade one like my ham and black bean. There's something very comforting about the smells and taste of a piping hot bowl. It's also a great way to use up leftovers from a large family meal. This particular … [Read more...]

Simple Lentil Soup #healthy #recipe

If you're like me, you over indulged during the holidays. That's okay though, enjoying delicious foods with friends and family, is wonderful! However, once the celebrating is done, I'm ready for some great, healthy dishes. Something that's really good for you, but I seldom hear about, is the … [Read more...]

Five Most Viewed Soup Recipes

Since winter is coming, like it or not, I thought I'd round up my five most viewed soups. Each of the five are simple and delicious. For the most part, the ingredients are fairly common pantry staples. First up and most viewed of the five is my easy Tomato Bisque. If you're a tomato soup … [Read more...]

Turkey Rice Soup #TurkeyLeftovers #Recipe

One of the things I love to watch on t.v is cooking shows. I really like the cooking competitions. Masterchef Junior is one of my all time favourites! They're not only great to watch but you can pick up some simple tricks to use in your own cooking. I know that a lot of their recipes aren't as … [Read more...]