Isla Mujeres – A Visit To The Island

A few weeks ago, Larry and I visited Isla Mujeres. Although we’ve vacationed in Mexico many times, we never stayed on the island. Last year, however, we made a quick trip over to scout it out and loved it. So, our last vacation took place there, and no regrets. What a fantastic little island! Only 5 … [Read more...]

Vegas Baby! Yes, I Spent A Few Days There For Less Than Expected

Back in mid-August, my husband surprised me with a trip to Vegas!! Weather in Calgary had been cool and rainy for the majority of the summer. Jokingly, I said to him, you need to take me to Vegas where the sun is shining and the temperature is hot. Guess what, he did and it was … [Read more...]

I’m Back From Christmas Holidays

Our Resorts Christmas Tree - The Finest Playa Mujeres What a fabulous two weeks I've had! In case you didn't notice, I took a break for Christmas. (I hope someone missed me!) However, I'm back now, although feeling a little lazy. It's time to get back into the groove and organize myself. … [Read more...]

Celebrate The Season With @MolsonCDN67 Glassware #Giveaway Six Winners!!

We all love getting together with friends and family over the holidays. There's lots of food, laughter, fun and a few drinks. This year during my Countdown to Christmas, MolsonCDN67 wants to join in your family festivities. Serve up your MolsonCDN67 in your very own Molson67 glassware. Perfect! … [Read more...]

Suzhou, China May Just Be Your Trip Of A Lifetime – Sweepstakes Announcement

At one time or another, we all dream about that trip of a lifetime. That one vacation that explores unknown places and provides adventure in a country many miles away. When I was younger, I'd look at a map and wonder. So many countries and so many … [Read more...]

A Little About My Vacation To The Finest – The Kids Area & My Thoughts @excellencegroup

To wrap up my series of posts on the Finest, I wanted to let you in on what's available for your children. Well first, at anytime you may see one of many characters wandering around. Perhaps Franklin the turtle, Spider-Man or the Mario Brothers. You may even see some pirates fighting it out on … [Read more...]

A Little About My Vacation To The Finest – The Food @excellencegroup

Here we go! Food is mega important to me on vacation. I want quality and availability. At this resort, there are 9 restaurants featuring a variety of food. Some require "dressing" for dinner and some are more casual. No reservations necessary! There is 24hr room service included and an awesome … [Read more...]

A Little About My Vacation To The Finest – The Beach @excellencegroup

One thing I look forward to when I vacation is laying in the sunshine on the beach. I want nice sand and beautiful water as well as shady areas and ocean breeze. This beach pulls it off. It's quite a wid, white and kept clean. The water is clear and great for kids and adults alike. The Excellence … [Read more...]

A Little About My Vacation To The Finest – The Resort @excellencegroup

April 24th was my 33rd wedding anniversary. Normally, we never get away over our Anniversary. It's always before or after. Usually, we visit the Riviera Maya side and stay at an adults only. So, we changed it up and headed to Playa Mujeres and stayed at a family resort. I have to say, before … [Read more...]

Hi Ho Hi Ho Off To The Beach I Go

Picture found on Facebook Okay, okay! I know I just annoyed a bunch of you. My bad. Sorry, not sorry. I'm just super excited! I'm heading on vacation!! Yes, indeed. It's my anniversary in a few days (our 33rd). Even though we've been on many vacations, somehow, we never end up there on our … [Read more...]

Happy New Year!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I just wanted to take a moment to wish all my readers a very Happy New Year. May 2015 be a year of fun, laughter and fulfillment. May your wishes come true and your dreams reality. We live in a truly blessed country with many benefits and much beauty. It is my hope that you and … [Read more...]

Attending A Holiday Party Or Two? Here’s A List Of Some Great Hostess Gifts! #BBNShops #ad

Such a wonderful time of the year and such a busy one! The Holiday Season has arrived. I'm sure you'll find yourselves invited to a party or two which adds so much fun. Getting to interact with friends and family, meeting new people, catching up and eating an appy or two. It just makes you feel … [Read more...]