It’s Holiday Party Season! @MolsonCDN67 Can Help With That

Festivus - A Seinfeld Holiday but one whose name seems to fit the Christmas/New Years season. Festivus just sounds like a series of festivals or celebrations. After all, that's what the holidays are all about, aren't they? Celebrations? Yes, even the sharing of grievances (as per Seinfeld), with … [Read more...]

Mark Your Calendars For This Years Countdown To Christmas Event #Giveaways #BitsNBitesWithTina

  I know what you're thinking. Christmas before hallowe'en? Crazy, right? Actually, no. This year, BitsNBitesWithTina, has such an amazing event happening, it will take at least a month to roll it all out! My Countdown To Christmas event will begin on October 26th! At this time, you … [Read more...]

BitsNBitesWithTina Holiday Gift Guide 2015 Now Open For Submissions!

We've just gotten the kids back to school and everyone is hoping the summer weather will hang in there. I'm no exception but the calandar moves quickly and Christmas will be upon us in no time. That's why it's time to start thinking brand/product promotion. This year, I'm creating a … [Read more...]

Have You Found Your Christmas Spirit?

This has been a tough year in sweetmamabrady's house. It began out okay, in fact, I remember talking to my mom last January and said, "I sure hope this year is going to be better than last". That's because last year was not so great. Mom had been ill, in and out of hospital. She was still … [Read more...]

Beautiful Holiday Accents From Luxe Gold #BBNShops #ad

Still pondering your holiday decor? Or maybe lo0king for that special little gift? Gold is always in style. Especially gold  holiday accents. Whether trimming the tree or adding a splash to your home, gold glitters and adds warmth along with that extra special touch. There are so many ways to go … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Giving Begins With @CardSwap #Giveaway

  If you've not yet heard of CardSwap, you are truly missing out. This Canadian company was founded in 2009 and gives you so many options on what you'd like to do with those gift cards you can't use and offers you the opportunity to purchase those gift cards that others can't use and … [Read more...]

The Day I Finally Visited The Red Light District. It’s Never Happened To Me Before

Tuesday, October 28th, began a string of firsts for me. Let me start from the beginning. The morning was cold, a fierce chill was in the air as I walked what seemed like miles, towards the warmth of the nearest shelter. A zip up hoodie was the best supply of heat that I had going for me. It … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide 2014 Submissions Now Being Accepted At BitsNBitesWithTina

Indeed, it's that time of year again. Didn't we just do this? Time just seems to fly by and once again the Holidays are just around the corner. So that means it's time to start thinking about gift giving and what your company has to offer my readers. What's new on your shelf this year? What items … [Read more...]

New Years Resolution? Can’t Say I Have One

I tried that "New Years Resolution" stuff and it didn't really work for me. At least, not when I made it a personal one. That whole going to lose weight or start getting up earlier, just didn't work. Guess I'm not good at the long term commitment. However, when I made the decision to clean up … [Read more...]

Like to cook or bake? Like to share? BitsNBitesWithTina Wants You For The Holidays!

I've been doing some thinking about the holidays. We all have delicious recipes we got from family or friends. Recipes we make for a special occasion. Those wonderful treats or appetizers we put out at parties. I'd like to create a regular post leading up to the holidays and I'm looking for … [Read more...]

Make This Christmas Extra Special With @ornamentslove Personalized Ornaments

Christmas is my favorite time of year. People seem to be in a better mood, there are extra visits with family and friends and the house just seems warm and filled with love. I adore the shopping and the music and the smiles you see on the children that are visiting Santa. It's also one of the … [Read more...]