Christmas Magic With #Kellogg’s #TreatsForToys #Giveaway

Another year has passed, and once again we’re approaching the Christmas season. A holiday I love. There’s so much joy at this time of year. Families getting together for meals, shopping, the decorations and the anticipation of Santas visit. However, it’s not a wonderful time for many. Sadly, the … [Read more...]

School Volunteers Make Things Happen! Nominate Yours #Contest #kellogger #FeedingBetterDays

There is something about our country that really bothers me. That's hungry children! In such a strong, wealthy country, this should never occur. Thankfully, there are donations and volunteers who help to make a dent in this horrific problem. When a child arrives at school hungry, it affects their … [Read more...]

Easter Goodies From #Kellogg’s #Giveaway #spon

Easter is upon us, and that means Easter goodies. However, that doesn't have to be a basket brimming with chocolate. Just like Easter dinner, there are tons of options available. One option, is Kellogg's mini rice krispie squares. They're just the perfect size to fit inside those plastic eggs. … [Read more...]

Toy Shaped Rice Krispie Treats Come Alive With #TreatsForToys #Giveaway

I'm super happy to be participating once again, in the fourth annual Treats For Toys program from Kellogg's. It's a very special event, that will create a magical Christmas for many, many children. Kellogg's has partnered with The Salvation Army to bring children across Canada, a bright and … [Read more...]

Back To School Back To Work #Kelloggs Has You Covered #Giveaway

It's back to school time and everyone is scrambling for great back to school lunches and snacks. For myself, it's back to work. For my husband, it's what can I grab on the way out the door? Believe it or not, I have an answer to all three, thanks to Kellogg's. First, let's talk kids. They … [Read more...]

The Fabulous Treats For Toys Program From #Kellogg’s Is Back #Giveaway

Last year, I participated in this amazing program, TreatsForToys, with a friend and her two girls who had a blast! It was time together that was fun, delicious and gave back to those less fortunate than we are. A win win that's so simple to do. They did a great job and were so proud of their … [Read more...]

Vector Cereal And Bars – V For Victory #Kelloggs #Giveaway

I'm not a morning person. I may of revealed this in the past once or twice. It just doesn't suit me. However, that's not to say I won't get up. I just don't like it. Not unless I'm off on another adventure/vacation. Then, I'm ready to go before anyone else. Since the morning insists upon … [Read more...]

Kellogg’s Brings Back The Surprise Inside The Box

I was never much of a breakfast person, although I did eat breakfast because my mom made me. One thing I did love though, was when she bought a new box of cereal. There was always some sort of goody nestled inside! Since I was usually the first of my sisters up, I usually snagged the prize. … [Read more...]

Let’s #TryItHot With #Kellogg’s Cereals #Review #Giveaway

It's been a wicked winter and mornings have called for fuzzy slippers and fireplaces. Getting our children and ourselves ready for another day means a hearty breakfast and bundling up for the weather. That's not always easy, especially if time is limited. Plus, we all know how fussy our kids can … [Read more...]

Fun Childrens Activity Results In Toys For Needy Kids #TreatsforToys #Kellogg’s #RiceKrispies

Kellogg's not only makes fun and nutritional foods for kids, their products can be turned into fun treats and fun activities. Rice Krispies is one of those products that's been around for years. We all know the delicious Rice Krispie treats made with marshmellows! This year, Kellogg's is … [Read more...]

Let’s Have Some Fun With #Kellogg’s #RiceKrispies #RKHalloween

Having raised two girls and enjoying time spent with my wonderful granddaughter, I know two things! Children love to bake and they love to get messy! Put the two together and you have a ton of fun. It's also a great way to bond, pass a little time and keep kids entertained. Kellogg's make this an … [Read more...]

Yes, Children Go Hungry In Canada #Kellogg’s #BreakfastClubs

It's hard to concentrate and learn when you're hungry. That's a fact! Another fact is that 1 in 7, yes, 1 in 7 Canadian children will attend school without breakfast this year. That's a truly sad fact for such a great country. Kellogg's is well aware of this tragedy and has been supporting … [Read more...]