Chicken Nachos – Dinner Time Or Snack Time #recipe

You have to love a plate of nachos! All that cheesy goodness in a finger food. I know I do! They make a terrific game day snack. However, how about dinner? Your kids would love it. Plus, you can get a few extra veggies inside them. It's super easy to do, and everyone will think they're getting a … [Read more...]

Tasty Tuesday – Broccoli And Pepperoni Rice #Recipe #Healthy

Every week, there comes a point when my fridge contains a little of this and a little of that. This week, it was broccoli and pepperoni. A different combination to be sure. However, that wasn't going to deter me from creating dinner. I thought about my seven year old granddaughter and what she … [Read more...]

Shepherds Pie – One Of My All Time Favorite Comfort Foods! #Recipe

Growing up, we were a large family. Money was scarce and bits and pieces had to be used up. Nothing was discarded. Whether is was  leftover veggies, potatoes or meat, it all got used. One or two carrots wasn't enough for a large family at dinnertime. However, add it in with your leftovers and … [Read more...]

Double Stuffed Turkey And Bacon Potatoes #TurkeyLeftovers #Recipe

One of my favorite things to cook is a great big turkey! I love it! Turkey Dinner, day after warm ups, turkey sandwiches! So Yum!! There are people though that get a little fed up with eating turkey for days on end. *Gasp! Just don't waste it! Please! Chop it all up and put it into baggies and … [Read more...]