Cleaning May Be Necessary But It Sucks

Cleaning may be necessary, but Im getting so tired of it! Every day it's same thing. You go around picking up crap and putting it back where it belongs. Then you load the dishwasher with dishes that materialized overnight. Next, you get to clean up the rest of the kitchen which got destroyed before … [Read more...]

My Journey North Was Warmer Than Expected

I am a lover of the beach, the sun and the ocean. There is only one thing that can drag me north in the Canadian prairies during the heart of winter. That, my friends, is my granddaughter. In the past, Saskatoon has been cruel. It's not a journey for the faint of heart. You must muster up … [Read more...]

Help, I Need A Shower, But The Potatoes Won’t Cook Themselves!

Too many things to do? Don't I know it! There never seems to be enough hours in a day when you need them. I'm always writing myself little notes on paper and setting reminders on my phone. My problem is, they don't really help. I get busy with something and push something else aside. Then I really … [Read more...]

Ah, That’s Karma For You!

On Friday night, a friend and I were talking about Karma. She's a big believer in it. I'm a little doubtful. I haven't really seen much that could be called "Karma". Well, it seems that somebody wanted to show me that it's true. (Here's hoping it's you showing me mom). So here's what happened on … [Read more...]

I Do Not Like Saggy Boobs – This Post Is Not For Everyone #Humour

(PERHAPS UNDER DESTRUCTION?) Right about now, some of you are aghast, some are nodding in recognition and some are laughing at the probability. Like it or not, as you get older, gravity kicks in. I was in Saskatoon recently and sitting on the toilet, when I looked up to see a mirror directly … [Read more...]

One Day FREE App Is Now Available On Android! #OneDay4Android

I am so happy to announce that the free app, One Day is now available for Android! I recently wrote a post, including a long winded video of myself, spotlighting the iOS version. This app was so much fun to use, that I got carried away. It has so many great choices and changes up the questions … [Read more...]

An Update On Portia #Puppy

Almost a year now since we picked up Portia and brought her home. It was one of the highlights of my year last year. I cannot tell you how many times she's made me laugh or comforted me. Not to mention the times she's made me say "Grrr"! All's good though! She happens to be the most lovable and … [Read more...]

I’m Not A Snob, I Just Ran Into Someone I Hadn’t Seen In Years

So, I'm in Shoppers and the man in front of me says: "Tina, right?" Not having a clue who I was talking to, I said: "Do I know you?" Okay, I know that sounds weird. Why not say, "yes, that's right" or something else that doesn't sound so rude as "Do I know you?" Really, that … [Read more...]

This Years Motto – 2015

So often I question myself. Am I doing the right things? Is this where I should be? Have I made the right choices? Well this year, I have a new motto and intend to stick to it. Life's not perfect but you just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other. You can't change the past, it's … [Read more...]

Are You Ready? I Can’t Hear You!!!

Ah yes, it's just three sleeps before Christmas...and the gangs all here. Or will be soon! Are you ready? Can you ever truly be ready? You've less than three full days to pull it together. You ARE a miracle worker. You CAN do this! This is my current mantra... I think I can, I think I … [Read more...]

One Journey Ends – I Love You Mum RIP #OldAge #Cancer #Death

  Forever Young and Forever In My Heart - Love You, Mom At 12:25am, September 1st, my mother passed away. At that moment, I forever lost a piece of my heart. The last few months have not been easy ones for her. After being admitted to hospital a month ago, the deterioration was … [Read more...]

How Children Help When You’re Faced With Losing A Loved One #OldAge #Cancer #Dying

Today is Thursday and I wake up tired, I'm both emotionally and physically drained. It's been a long week. By this point, I'm going on instinct and automation. The sadness I feel cannot be properly explained. Today was no different than yesterday and yet, at 5 o'clock, I began to cry. I couldn't … [Read more...]