Poached Pears With Raspberry Sauce – Valentines Day Treat #Recipe #Repost

I have never made poached pears before. Sure, I've watched chefs on t.v. do it but I always hesitated in case I messed it up. You know, the pear goes soggy or tastes yucky cause it's warm. Well, I'm sorry I've never made them before because they couldn't be easier to do! Watching chefs, they make … [Read more...]

Tasty Tuesday – Cranberry Walnut Loaf #Recipe

Generally speaking, I don't make a lot of loaves. There's just Larry and I at home and I prefer to make individual desserts or cookies of some sort. At the holidays though, I love making loaves. The house smells wonderful when they're cooking and they slice up nicely for company. This … [Read more...]

Blueberry Explosion Muffins – Low Calorie #Recipe

Eating healthy doesn't mean giving up the food you love. I say this so much, I feel like a broken record. Yet, it's true and it seems hard for people to understand. Larry and I have enjoyed so many things since Christmas and his journey to healthier eating. We haven't given up anything! Not one … [Read more...]

Clean Out Your Cupboard Vegetarian Chili #Recipe

Waste not want not, is something my mom always said. It's a good rule to live by. If your veggies aren't as crisp as you'd like, freeze them. They can be used in soups and stews, if you're trying to reduce the canned goods in your cupboard, make my Vegetarian Chili. I'm on a mission to clean up … [Read more...]

Delicious Four Ingredient Cod – Healthy Eating #Recipe

Making this cod is super simple, you only need one pan and four ingredients, plus seasonings. You can see above an 8oz cut of cod, medium spaghetti squash, one can Alymers Accents chopped tomatoes original and two grilled sweet red peppers. Over the holiday weekend, I was bbq'ing a roast. … [Read more...]

Banana Raspberry Loaf #LowFat #Recipe

If you've been following my blog this year, you know that I've been helping my husband create healthy eating habits. During the course of that time, I searched for recipes that were both delicious, easy and healthy. I wanted some dessert type recipes. I came across this Banana Raspberry Loaf. In … [Read more...]

Turkey Rice Soup #TurkeyLeftovers #Recipe

One of the things I love to watch on t.v is cooking shows. I really like the cooking competitions. Masterchef Junior is one of my all time favourites! They're not only great to watch but you can pick up some simple tricks to use in your own cooking. I know that a lot of their recipes aren't as … [Read more...]

Decadent Yet Healthy Banana Split #Recipe

Yes, I said it! A healthy banana split! Simply delicious. You won't believe this is healthy eating. Listen, the trick is to remember that food is not bad for you. How much you eat of it, however, can be. In this case, I've combined a generous portion of healthy fruits along with chocolate and … [Read more...]

Your Super Bowl Isn’t Complete Without Fixin’s And Molson Canadian 67 #Giveaway @MolsonCDN67

*Winner must be of legal age in their province of residence We've reached that time of year when football fans across Canada, start planning their first big party of the year! It's Super Bowl XLIX! Coming at you on Feb 1st, 2015. (Patriot's household) Now, I've been posting about healthy … [Read more...]

Open Faced Toasted Sloppy Joe #Recipe #HealthyEating

Keeping with this years theme of healthy eating, I put together my own recipe for sloppy joe's. It's, not your traditional sloppy joe, although the flavours are heaped in there. I say non traditional because you don't eat it as a sandwich. I know! The horror!! Trust me, it's amazing and the … [Read more...]

Kitchen Sink Vegetable Soup #recipe #lowcalorie

Kitchen Sink Vegetable Soup - It may seem like a weird name for a soup but I believe it fits. There's a saying "everything but the kitchen sink". This kinda fits. It was a nasty, nasty weekend, last weekend. Calgary had a huge winter storm and -40 windchills. So I decided we needed some warming … [Read more...]

Spaghetti Squash Tomato And Cheese Pie #recipe #easy #lowcalorie

Adding more vegetables to your diet can sometimes be tricky, especially if you have kids. This very simple recipe using spaghetti squash is going to help you accomplish that. It's very low calorie and low carb and super delicious. Your children will think you're serving up a variation of … [Read more...]