Vacations And The Almighty Buck

Can you believe we are already into March? It seems we just wrapped up the Christmas holidays. In fact, I still have a few Christmas decorations up outside. The days go by so quickly and although I sometimes wish it would slow down, I am looking forward to longer days and more … [Read more...]

A Little About My Vacation To The Finest – The Beach @excellencegroup

One thing I look forward to when I vacation is laying in the sunshine on the beach. I want nice sand and beautiful water as well as shady areas and ocean breeze. This beach pulls it off. It's quite a wid, white and kept clean. The water is clear and great for kids and adults alike. The Excellence … [Read more...]

Holiday Bucket List? Why Not Try St. Kitts?

This post brought to you by St. Kitts Marriott Resort & Royal Beach Casino. All opinions are 100% mine. My husband and I love a warm, luxuriating beach vacation as you know. We've been to a few of the popular Caribbean spots and had a blast. What about St. Kitts though and where exactly is … [Read more...]