Rob Lowe Is Back With Skechers #Giveaway

I want to talk about Rob Lowe for a moment. After all, I'm feeling rather close to him these days. First , we're a mere two years apart in age, both had moms called Barbara, and live within a few thousand miles of each other. Second, I wear Skechers, he's back as the face of Skechers menswear … [Read more...]

Countdown To Christmas Welcomes @Skechers_Canada Boots Made For Walking #Giveaway

Get Walking With Skechers Go Walk Boots! It is October in Canada. If you don't already have snow and/or cold weather, you will. Truthfully, I don't mind a little snow, I merely dislike lots of snow and mainly the cold. The worst is cold feet. I hate it! If my feet get cold, they never seem to … [Read more...]