Condo Vacation In Playa del Carmen

Larry and I have been promising ourselves we’d go vacationing for two weeks. Somehow, that never happens. Something always comes up. Whether it’s financial restrictions or other commitments or simply not being able to get that much time off, we’ve never done it. Back in July, I decided to … [Read more...]

I Work To See This View

Why do you work? Many would say they work for the roof over their head and food on the table. So do I. Yet, I also work for my dream. I've traveled to Mexico on numerous occasions. It's a favourite vacation spot for my husband and I. We love the warmth, the beautiful beaches, the sound of the … [Read more...]

Broadcasting Live With Periscope @CanadianBeef Mexican Tapas #CDNBeefExperience

Did you attend the Canadian Beef Twitter party on Wednesday, March 9th? It was my first time live on Periscope which was kinda cool. Canadian Beef has been using Periscope now for more than 6 months. Their parties are always fun and informative but I was thrilled to be part of this wonderful … [Read more...]

Pelicanos And More @THEROYALPdC #2014 #Vacation #Food

In my opinion, Pelicanos is the place for breakfast and lunch at The Royal in Playa del Carmen. Of course, everyone has different tastes and so The Royal provides a number of choices to satisfy your hunger. For me though, it's Pelicanos. Right on the beach. Wonderful food, wonderful staff and the … [Read more...]

Towel Art @THEROYALPdC #2014 #Vacation

What a pleasure it is to get up in the morning and not have to worry about making my bed or tidying up. Now that's what vacation is all about. (and the food of course but that's another story) The Royal has wonderful maid service that visits your room not once but twice a day. In the morning … [Read more...]

On The Beach With Andrea @THEROYALPdC #2014 #Vacation

Going on vacation should be really relaxing. One of things we enjoy the most are lazy days on the beach. Taking a stroll through the sand, enjoying a dip in the ocean or simply laying in the sun/shade with your eyes closed and listening to the sound of waves against the shore. There's also the … [Read more...]

Yes Virginia, You Can Have Twelve Pillows @THEROYALPdC #2014 #Vacation

Yup, I did it again. I went on vacation and stayed at The Royal in Playa del Carmen. It's a favorite spot of ours. This year, their online check-in was not working. It's a bonus my husband and I just love because you can go online and actually choose your own room!! (from Royal Jr. Suite … [Read more...]

Here’s My Happy Place – I’m Going To Be Happy Real Soon!

Ahh Yes....The Beach Is this your happy place too? Very shortly, I'll be laying on the beach in Playa del Carmen enjoying the sound of the waves and gorgeous sunshine. I'll take long walks in the evening with the water lapping at my feet. Keep visiting my blog though as the giveaways will keep … [Read more...]

Fancy A Trip To Mexico? You Could Win 1 Of 5!! Amazing #Giveaway #muchocinco

What a terrible winter we've had. I'm seeing snow in my sleep and day dreaming about a trip to Cancun, Mexico. Who's with me? Of course you are! Imagine yourself on the beach, you can hear the waves and feel the heat of the sun. The breeze brings in wonderful smells of various Mexican dishes just … [Read more...]

Spectacular Beauty Awaits @valentinmaya

Last week, I spoke to you of the problems you will encounter at this resort. Today I want to bring the beauty to your attention! Outdoor Lounge Area (just beyong main lobby) It begins at the grand and welcoming lobby. The staff is prompt and friendly and wastes no time getting you checked … [Read more...]

Please Don’t Feed The Animals @valentinmaya

The Valentin Imperial Maya is a haven for many different birds and animals. A controlled jungle of sorts. There are signs around the resort that request you don't feed them. Our food is not a good fit for them and the jungle allows for them to eat naturally. Unfortunately, many people ignore … [Read more...]

Uh Oh The @valentinmaya Has Some Problems!!!

My husband and I just returned from the Mayan Riviera. A resort we'd never visited before.  The Valentin Imperial Maya. It's rated a five (5) star but unfortunately is no more than four (4) stars. Now for anyone that doesn't do a lot of travelling, there is a very big difference between being … [Read more...]