Something New Is Brewing @MolsonCDN67 Session IPA

What's the most common sentence you hear at this time of year? "This year, I'll lose weight and/or start eating healthier". It's a wonderful thing. Watching what types of foods you consume, is extremely important for living healthier. However, you should also consider your alcohol intake. What … [Read more...]

It’s Holiday Party Season! @MolsonCDN67 Can Help With That

Festivus - A Seinfeld Holiday but one whose name seems to fit the Christmas/New Years season. Festivus just sounds like a series of festivals or celebrations. After all, that's what the holidays are all about, aren't they? Celebrations? Yes, even the sharing of grievances (as per Seinfeld), with … [Read more...]

Tasty Tuesday With @MolsonCDN67 & Brews&Bites #CauliflowerMacAndCheese #Recipe

Cooking for friends and family is fun for me. I know that for others, it can be a challenge. That's where myself and Brews&Bites come in. If you can find an amazing recipe, that's easy to follow, you become a star in your own kitchen! A lot of people have no problem adding in a little wine … [Read more...]

Celebrate The Season With @MolsonCDN67 Glassware #Giveaway Six Winners!!

We all love getting together with friends and family over the holidays. There's lots of food, laughter, fun and a few drinks. This year during my Countdown to Christmas, MolsonCDN67 wants to join in your family festivities. Serve up your MolsonCDN67 in your very own Molson67 glassware. Perfect! … [Read more...]

How Do You Mix Up Your @MolsonCDN67 Drink? #Giveaway

As you know, I grew up in a traditional British household. We had custard on our fruit pies, Yorkshire pudding at every Sunday dinner and our bathroom was called the loo. Everyone drank tea, sweetened and with milk. I no longer do this as my teas are herbal and I drink them black. During the … [Read more...]

Molson Canadian 67 And Your Healthy Cooking Resolution @MolsonCDN67 #Recipes

Since the beginning of the year, I've been writing about healthy eating and posting healthy recipes. Molson Canadian 67 asked if I'd like to write about 67 and your healthy cooking resolution. In a heartbeart! As I've said before, eating healthy doesn't mean giving up the food or beverages … [Read more...]

Cheese, GreenOnion And Beer Buns #recipe

Bread can be a wonderful addtion to many meals. It gets a bad rap for being a carb but it's actually a very necessary part of a healthy diet. If you've been following along, you know I've been helping my husband to eat healthier and enjoy his food. I don't want him (or you), to think there are … [Read more...]

Your Super Bowl Isn’t Complete Without Fixin’s And Molson Canadian 67 #Giveaway @MolsonCDN67

*Winner must be of legal age in their province of residence We've reached that time of year when football fans across Canada, start planning their first big party of the year! It's Super Bowl XLIX! Coming at you on Feb 1st, 2015. (Patriot's household) Now, I've been posting about healthy … [Read more...]

Weekends Are For Tangerine Twist – Summertime From @MolsonCDN67 #TangerineTwist

Everyone looks forward to the weekends for various reasons. A couple of days off, a little shopping, perhaps dinner out and some entertainment. After the long, harsh, Canadian winters, we really look forward to sunny summer weekends. Unfortunately, that's not always on the table. That is … [Read more...]