Start Streaming With @Netflix_CA #streamteam #giveaway

Streaming is part of my every day life. Strangely, it wasn't that long ago that streaming wasn't even part of my vocabulary. That's how quickly life evolves. Now, it's the way we all watch our favourite shows. If you're a Netflix viewer, you're watching OITNB, or House of Cards. Two highly popular … [Read more...]

What’s Your Families TV Prime Time? @Netflix_CA #StreamTeam

Growing up, we didn't have a tv prime time. We had 3 channels and not a whole lot of choice. On the other hand, my children had tv prime time twice. Once on Saturday mornings for cartoons, and then again late afternoons for kids shows. Now, however, your tv prime time, can be, well, anytime. … [Read more...]

Being Strong In The Face Of Gender Stereotypes #StreamTeam @Netflix_CA

The past is behind us, and yet, there are still so many hands that keep trying to drag us backwards. One of those hands is gender stereotypes! Unfortunately, our children are being exposed to them, and can be affected by them, as young as six years old. These days, kids are exposed to so much … [Read more...]

It’s March People! I’m So Excited #StreamTeam @Netflix_CA

In case you missed it, it's March, people!!!! Why is this so exciting? There's fantastic new shows on Netflix Canada. Just where to begin. I know, my favourites. I'm writing this, so I get to choose. First of all,  I'm thrilled to announce, Marvel's Iron Fist. Season one arrives on March 17th. As a … [Read more...]

Here’s A Resolution You Can Keep @Netflix_CA #StreamTeam

As we head towards the middle of January, many people are beginning to struggle with their New Years resolution. Let's face it, we often overreach and then give up. The trick is, find a resolution you can keep. For instance, this year I'm going to do some more organizing. I have no deadline, only … [Read more...]

Music, Beatles And Beat Bugs @Netflix_CA #StreamTeam #BeatBugs #Giveaway

How crazy is it, that August is coming to a close? Your children will be heading back to school and winter is right around the corner! Fortunately, we still have a few weeks left and the weather man rumour mill says we're going to have a nice September. Perhaps I'll still be sitting on my deck, … [Read more...]

Have A Holly Jolly Christmas From @Netflix_CA #streamteam #NetfliXmas #giveaway

I have watched so many shows with Netflix that I never even knew existed. It's provided hours of entertainment for myself and my family. I've binged on comedy, drama and even marvel series. It's a great way to bond with your kids and munch down on some homemade goodies too! Especially at the … [Read more...]

It’s The Second Week Of December Already! #NetfliXmas #StreamTeam @Netflix_CA

I'm not sure how it happened; but the second week of December showed up unexpectedly on my doorstep. Seriously? Wasn't last week Thanksgiving? It seems you blink another week whizzes by. I had to make a list this past weekend for all the things I need to do before I take a work break for the … [Read more...]

Grandma May Be A Softie But I’m Pro At Bedtime Excuses #StreamTeam @Netflix_CA #5MoreMinutes

When my girls were young, there were two things you could count on. One - a little whining /begging to stay up later and two: the sudden need to eat. All in the name of avoiding bedtime. Some of the excuses were pretty good, most of them, however, I'd said or done myself as a child. My … [Read more...]

Care Bears And Cousins A New Kids Original Series From @Netflix_CA #StreamTeam

How many of you have enjoyed the original Care Bears? I know I have and so have my kids. These bears are loving and fun and teach many a lesson to our kids. The spirit of the show is what always got me. The colours also help brighten your mood. I don't think my children ever missed the opportunity … [Read more...]

A Little Halloween Costume Inspiration From @Netflix_CA #NetflixHalloween #StreamTeam

It's just a couple of weeks until halloween. Do you know what your childs halloween costume will be? Don't worry! At this time of the month, there's plenty of time for your children to change their minds anyway. When my girls were growing up, I never got down to costume making or organizing until … [Read more...]

I’m Hooked Are You? @Netflix_CA #StreamTeam

I've been watching Netflix for about a year and a half. Perhaps a little longer. The truth is, I didn't believe there would be much to watch besides what was already on t.v. My oldest daughter kept bothering me about it. She went on and on about all the shows. How great they were, that there is … [Read more...]