Women, Purchasing Power And @CitizenRad #Giveaway

Studies have shown that women do the majority of household shopping. In fact, they do over 75% of it. Perhaps that’s because women enjoy shopping more, or maybe we’re the bigger deal shoppers. In the past, it was expected that women would take care of the necessities of shopping. After all, there … [Read more...]

BLEW – Razor Blade Dryer from @ToiletTreeProd #XmasCountdown2017 #Giveaway

In our house, we have three types of razors. First, the electric razor. It’s great for a quick shave, whether you’re talking face or legs. However, if I want a close shave on my legs, I opt for a disposable razor. Larry has a higher end one that he can replace the blades in. Now, I purchase a … [Read more...]

Countdown To Christmas Welcome @LolaJeansdotca #Giveaway Pull On Jeans

Back in the 80's, I was pregnant with my two girls. There weren't a lot of maternity clothes to be had. Just the basics. One of those staples was jeans. They had a stretchy front and pulled on. Frankly, they weren't that flattering. The term that comes to mind is "farmers pants". No offence to any … [Read more...]

Fit, Fashionable And Chic In My New Jeans From @lolajeansdotca #Giveaway #LolaJeans

Last week was Stampede time here in Calgary. That means cowboy hats and a great pair of jeans! My wardrobe has a great selection of jeans but I may of just found an easier way to get them! I have to say, I'm pretty picky about my jeans. They are an important part of my everyday look. However, … [Read more...]

I’m All About The Shoes, ‘Bout The Shoes, ‘Bout The Shoes @yengoshoes #review #giveaway

New Shoes! Come on peeps, you know what I'm talking about. There's only one thing I like better than buying a new pair of shoes and that's shopping for the right pair of shoes. Browsing, if you will. I can take hours if not weeks to find just the right pair. Maybe I'm just treating myself or maybe I … [Read more...]

Childrens Accessories From Brookz #Canadian #Giveaway

My children are grown and my granddaughter is seven, although, fingers crossed another one may come my way. That doesn't stop me from looking at kids clothes and accessories. So many cute things to choose from. I was contacted by a company called Brookz that makes awesome little accessories … [Read more...]

Treat Your Pet With @BigAlsAquarium #Giveaway

Most people have a pet whether it's a dog, cat, bird, fish or reptile and when you do, it's part of the family. I know I love my dog Portia. She's my little sweetheart and a big part of our family. We buy her quality food, cute collars and comfy beds. Not to mention all the toys she has and of … [Read more...]

Purchasing Quality Refurbished Items Just Got Better With @refurbio #Giveaway #Review

Have you ever purchased a refurbished computer before? Well, if you have, that's awesome! If you haven't, let me tell you a little about "refurbished". Yes, it is a computer that has been used before. However, it has been thoroughly inspected, wiped clean, comes with a warranty and is much more … [Read more...]

Big Green Egg: Flexible Grilling Skewers From @HendrixEquip #Giveaway #Review

This past weekend in Calgary was absolutely gorgeous! I probably shouldn't say that knowing how badly the east has been suffering. However, it was perfect weather for barbecuing and felt like spring was truly on the way! I decided to take out a beautiful pork tenderloin and try out my new … [Read more...]

Beautiful Holiday Accents From Luxe Gold #BBNShops #ad

Still pondering your holiday decor? Or maybe lo0king for that special little gift? Gold is always in style. Especially gold  holiday accents. Whether trimming the tree or adding a splash to your home, gold glitters and adds warmth along with that extra special touch. There are so many ways to go … [Read more...]

We’ve Given And Received Pearls Of Wisdom, Now Enjoy Another Pearl From @pearlparadise #Giveaway

Pearls of wisdom are those important pieces of advice that we receive from our mom or dad that we try to pass along to our children. You may not always recognize the value at first, yet the sentiment remains with you and develops over time. Each pearl of wisdom is unique and has it's own depth. … [Read more...]

What’s New @eShakti This Spring And Summer? #Giveaway #MothersDay eShakti

Buying clothes online can be tricky. Everyone has their own version of a size. So unless you've shopped in-store and know their sizes, you could have a little trouble. Not with eShakti. I've written about this company in the past. It's my favorite online tailor! Clothes that are made to fit … [Read more...]