Pearls @welovepearls Always Make My Wishlist #giveaway #XmasCountdown2017

When I was 16, one of my sisters treated me to a mini makeover. I received a haircut and got my ears pierced. Up until that point, having pierced ears didn’t even occur to me. Even then, I kept in the studs you get with your piercing, a very long time. It never occurred to me how many gorgeous … [Read more...]

Precious Moments Are Pearls Of Joy To Be Treasured @welovepearls #giveaway

There are many precious moments in our life. For myself, the day I got married. The days my children and grandchildren were born. Each and every time I lay eyes on my family. These are precious times. Some are down and dirty, like soccer or water balloon fights with my granddaughter. Some are … [Read more...]