Will You Be Ready For Retirement? Find Out #RetireReady #Spon @TD_Canada

On February 21st, I'll turn 55 years old. In Alberta, many places offer senior discounts at 55! I'm not ready to be a senior yet. However, I'm getting there. Old age and retirement is only 10 years away. Growing up, we were told, the best way to plan for retirement, was investing in property. … [Read more...]

I Need $500,000 For Retirement

  Some of you, most of you, opened this page out of curiosity. Am I really discussing my finances? In a way, yes! I recently sat down and asked myself, exactly what do you want for the next 30 years? I say 30 years because my mom lived to be 88 and I'm 54, so there's a good chance I … [Read more...]

Turks And Caicos – What’s Your Take? #11thProvince

I have a dream. My dream takes to me early retirement in a warm tropical place. Somewhere that's so relaxing it makes me feel I'm constantly on vacation. We've actually been discussing this idea for more than a year now. Possible places that we could purchase a home or rent a home in. Both of us … [Read more...]

If I Had A Million…Ummm Fifty Million Dollars

A long, long time ago, when I was growing up, a million dollars was a HUGE sum of money. It was the mark, standard, goal, the achievement of wealth. A million dollars secured your future and your children's future. To a young boy or girl, a breathtaking sum. So much so that there is a song … [Read more...]