SECRET® SILKY® Hosiery With LYCRA® FUSION™ Technology

Over the years, I’ve reviewed several SECRET® products. This Christmas, I wore the SECRET® SILKY® hosiery with LYCRA® FUSION™ technology during the holidays As I opened my first pair, SECRET® SILKY® sheer to waist, I noticed how they felt. They weren’t as wispy as the … [Read more...]

Want The Secret To Fashionable, Comfortable And Cool Legwear? @SecretLegwear #Giveaway

We've all enjoyed a horrendous winter and it's time to start thinking summer! Off come the bulky jackets, boots and sweaters. Time to pull out the t-shirts and shorts. Time to pull out that breezy summer dress or light office jacket. Whether it's dressy or casual, office or tourist, we want to be … [Read more...]

The Secret Is Out! Great Legs Are In This Fall With @SecretLegwear #giveaway

The Secret is Out! Dressing up is not in my daily routine. For the most part, during the week, my biggest venture out is a trip to the grocery store. No need to glam up for that! Occasionally I head out for lunch with family or friends. Here's the thing though. I still want to look nice! I … [Read more...]