Boots For Snow, Boots For Show Make Them @Skechers_Canada #Giveaway #XmasCountdown2017

In the past, boots were mainly worn during winter. Large, clunky, warm boots, needed to protect your feet from harsh, Canadian winters. However, fashion changes nearly yearly. Some ideas hang around, some are stricken from the closet, hopefully to never return. One idea that was created, and … [Read more...]

Walking Mexico With @Skechers_Canada #Giveaway #XmasCountdown2017

The day before swapping cold temperatures for warm ones, I received a couple of packages from Skechers. One was for me, but the other one was for Larry. It was a package of perfect timing. Looked like Larry would be walking Mexico in a new pair of Skechers. To say he was thrilled, is an … [Read more...]

Rob Lowe Is Back With Skechers #Giveaway

I want to talk about Rob Lowe for a moment. After all, I'm feeling rather close to him these days. First , we're a mere two years apart in age, both had moms called Barbara, and live within a few thousand miles of each other. Second, I wear Skechers, he's back as the face of Skechers menswear … [Read more...]

Walk The Red Carpet With @Skechers_Canada #Giveaway

Yes, I walked the red carpet in winter boots! A few weeks back, Calgary got it's first taste of winter. I wasn't exactly over the moon about it. One of the reasons was, I was heading downtown to an event. On the plus side, that event had food and wine. Downside? Winter, people!!! Icy roads, bad … [Read more...]

Welcome Skechers To The 2016 #CountdownToChristmas #giveaway #review

Welcome Skechers and their D'Lites! I'm so lucky to have been born in Canada, and live in such an amazing city as Calgary. It's close to wonderful places like Cochrane, Banff, Lake Louise and Jasper. All beautiful spots to walk, take in the scenery and wildlife. Fortunately, I also live around … [Read more...]

Flex Appeal 2.0 From @Skechers_Canada #Review #Giveaway #Canada

Ten days ago, I began the 21 day fix. It's an exercise and nutritional program. I'm not doing the nutritional part, just the exercise. It is hard! No joke. I tried bare feet, socks and ballerina type slippers. Bare feet is ok, don't do the socks or slippers routine. What was I thinking? Who knows. … [Read more...]

Countdown To Christmas Welcomes @Skechers_Canada Boots Made For Walking #Giveaway

Get Walking With Skechers Go Walk Boots! It is October in Canada. If you don't already have snow and/or cold weather, you will. Truthfully, I don't mind a little snow, I merely dislike lots of snow and mainly the cold. The worst is cold feet. I hate it! If my feet get cold, they never seem to … [Read more...]