Rhubarb And Strawberry Pie #recipe

It's rhubarb season! In case you didn't know, this delicious stalk, is a vegetable, perennial, and it grows like a weed. Growing up, we would wash and peel this vegetable, then dip in sugar and eat. Such a refreshing treat. Although I know longer dip and eat, I do love baking with it. One of the … [Read more...]

Simple Spinach Strawberry Salad And Vinaigrette #Easy #Recipe

During the heat of summer, salads make a fresh crisp side to just about anything. This spinache strawberry salad can be enjoyed with burgers to bbq chicken! It's so easy to do with only 3 ingrediants that it makes a fantastic potluck dish. Simply keep ingredients in seperate containers and … [Read more...]

Sexy Orange Cream And Strawberry Parfait! Dessert In A Flash #Recipe #TuesdayTreat

Now that we have some warm weather, you're going to want to make some light and refreshing desserts. I've decided to create a (hopefully) weekly post with other delicious desserts. I'll be looking for and creating both light (low-calorie) and go the heck all out treats! Let's see what I … [Read more...]

Amazingly Delicious Fresh Strawberry Muffins – You Won’t Be Able To Stop At One

This is strawberry season. Yay!! I love strawberries especially fresh from the garden. I was searching the web for recipe ideas when I came across one for strawberry muffins. It needed a bit of tweaking. I fiddled around with it and came up with this delicious version. I'd say they'd be great for … [Read more...]