Have You Ever Cheated On Your Significant Other? #StreamTeam #Ad #Partner

Have you ever cheated? Does your other half know? I can't say I've ever cheated, but I sure have thought about it! Sometimes, when my husband is sleeping, I think, it wouldn't hurt. If he doesn't know, he won't be upset. I can pretend it never happened. I know what you're thinking, but … [Read more...]

Resolutions Not Going So Well? Try @Netflix_CA For Inspiration #NewYearNewView #StreamTeam

A little Inspiration for 2016. We're now past the halfway mark in January. Most people's New Years Resolutions have already gone in the toilet. There are a few reasons for that. We place the bar too high We try too many things at once We lack support We may have an enabler amongst … [Read more...]

The 90’s Are Alive And Well @Netflix_CA #Newstalgia #StreamTeam

I grew up in the 70's and raised my children through the 80's and 90's. Some of my childhood toys and shows carried on through the years, like the slinky! Although, back in the 70's our slinkies were metal where as my kids had plastic, bright and colourful ones! Some things belong back in the … [Read more...]

I’m Going On A Movie Marathon Thanks To Roku 3 #StreamInto2015 #Review #Giveaway

I've got some super exciting news! I'm about to take a journey this Holiday Season, through movies. That's right! Staples Canada has a brand new campaign called #StreamInto2015 and I've been asked to watch great holiday movies over the next month with my family. Have some fun, enjoy some snacks but … [Read more...]