Start Streaming With @Netflix_CA #streamteam #giveaway

Streaming is part of my every day life. Strangely, it wasn't that long ago that streaming wasn't even part of my vocabulary. That's how quickly life evolves. Now, it's the way we all watch our favourite shows. If you're a Netflix viewer, you're watching OITNB, or House of Cards. Two highly popular … [Read more...]

What’s Your Families TV Prime Time? @Netflix_CA #StreamTeam

Growing up, we didn't have a tv prime time. We had 3 channels and not a whole lot of choice. On the other hand, my children had tv prime time twice. Once on Saturday mornings for cartoons, and then again late afternoons for kids shows. Now, however, your tv prime time, can be, well, anytime. … [Read more...]

Teens VS Parents – Can You Understand One Another? @Netflix_CA #streamteam #spon

Teens vs parents, that's exactly how it feels when you're trying to raise one. It's a battle where neither party really knows what's going on in the others mind. Trying to start a conversation can be awkward at best. You can simply see your teenager stiffen up when you start talking to them. Teens … [Read more...]

Being Strong In The Face Of Gender Stereotypes #StreamTeam @Netflix_CA

The past is behind us, and yet, there are still so many hands that keep trying to drag us backwards. One of those hands is gender stereotypes! Unfortunately, our children are being exposed to them, and can be affected by them, as young as six years old. These days, kids are exposed to so much … [Read more...]

Holiday Streaming With @Netflix_CA #StreamTeam

This is such a busy time of year. There is so much to do. You have to shop, wrap, put up decorations, bake and, and,'s crazy! Ok, you don't have to, but we do. The entire month of December seems to just fly by. It's important to remember, however, to take a little time to relax. Put your … [Read more...]

Be Halloween Ready With @Netflix_CA #StreamTeam

Halloween is a mere few days away. Are you ready? I know I am. Earlier this month, I headed out and purchased a dragon costume for my six month old grandson. He had a say in it, don't you worry. First, I showed him a TMNT costume. He just sat in his chair looking at me like I was nuts. Now, now, I … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day(Night) Is From The Heart Not The Wallet @Netflix_CA #StreamTeam

Whether you are single, married with kids, empty nesters or elderly, Valentine's is just one of those days that can bring great pleasure and warmth or sadness. It's the day of love. That doesn't necessarily mean romance as one might think. Valentine's Day is for and from the heart. A phone call … [Read more...]

Resolutions Not Going So Well? Try @Netflix_CA For Inspiration #NewYearNewView #StreamTeam

A little Inspiration for 2016. We're now past the halfway mark in January. Most people's New Years Resolutions have already gone in the toilet. There are a few reasons for that. We place the bar too high We try too many things at once We lack support We may have an enabler amongst … [Read more...]

Grandma May Be A Softie But I’m Pro At Bedtime Excuses #StreamTeam @Netflix_CA #5MoreMinutes

When my girls were young, there were two things you could count on. One - a little whining /begging to stay up later and two: the sudden need to eat. All in the name of avoiding bedtime. Some of the excuses were pretty good, most of them, however, I'd said or done myself as a child. My … [Read more...]

Fall Has Arrived – What Will You Be Snuggling Up To? @NetFlix_CA #StreamTeam

Today, officially, fall has arrived. We all know what that means! Cooler nights, shorter days and soon....sub-zero temperatures! It's the perfect time to arrange a T.V schedule. Shows that you and your family can snuggle up to on the couch.   You can plan a movie night and haul out … [Read more...]

Do You Have The First Day Of School Jitters? See What @Netflix_CA Offers #StreamTeam

I barely used to sleep the night before a new school year. Not only was I worried about being organized and on time for myself, I was worried sick about my kids. They were babies, at least to me. So tiny and so vulnerable. What if they missed me? What if they didn't like their teachers? What if … [Read more...]

The World Of Dinotrux – Another @Netflix_CA Original Series #StreamTeam #Dinotrux

They're here! Half dinosaur and half construction vehicle! They're dinotrux and will set your childs imagination on fire. Meet Ty Rux who is a huge Tyrannosaurus Trux. He has a best friend in Revvit who's a sharp Reptool and they have a mission. The evil D-Structs who's as bad as they come and … [Read more...]