Technology Is Affordable This Holiday Season @refurbio #GiftIdeas

Technology is everywhere and it has become highly important in our everyday lives. Children are using computers before they even go to school. You're probably finding your pre-teen or teenager needing a laptop as a necessity for homework. It can get pricey but I have a solution for you. … [Read more...]

Apple Products Now Available @refurbio Plus FREE Shipping #Refurbished #LowPrices

I'm a Mac person. I have my iMac desktop and my iPad, but I need a MacBook Air. Perhaps I don't need one, but it may now be within reach. Recently, I introduced you to a new online shopping experience. Refurbished computers from Guaranteed products with a full years warranty! … [Read more...]

Purchasing Quality Refurbished Items Just Got Better With @refurbio #Giveaway #Review

Have you ever purchased a refurbished computer before? Well, if you have, that's awesome! If you haven't, let me tell you a little about "refurbished". Yes, it is a computer that has been used before. However, it has been thoroughly inspected, wiped clean, comes with a warranty and is much more … [Read more...]

Top Tech Tips For Students – Marc Saltzman Includes #Giveaway

Top Tech Tips for Students Five tips for success this school year - Marc Saltzman Between their school workloads, extracurricular activities and part-time jobs, students have enough weighing on their minds this fall. They need tools that they can depend to make their student lives easier – … [Read more...]

The New Innotab 3 Baby From @vtechtoys #Review

My granddaughter is 6 years old and a soon to be graduate of kindergarten. I've been thinking about the past six years and how quickly she seemed to grow intellectually. All the things she's learned to do in such a short amount of time. Much different from when my children were little. I mean, they … [Read more...]

Best Mobile Phone For Gaming

Best mobile phone for gaming With so many different phones out there to choose from become it can be incredibly hard to decide on which one you want to upgrade to.  If your main priority is gaming on your mobile phone then this means that you have to go for a more upmarket phone than most people. … [Read more...]