Vacations And The Almighty Buck

Can you believe we are already into March? It seems we just wrapped up the Christmas holidays. In fact, I still have a few Christmas decorations up outside. The days go by so quickly and although I sometimes wish it would slow down, I am looking forward to longer days and more … [Read more...]

An In Depth Look @THEROYALPdC @Real_Resorts

Why Stay At The Royal in Playa del Carmen? Read on and take an in depth look! Hola! First let me tell you of the awards they have received Three years in a row they have received the International Star Diamond Award (2009 - 2011). This recognition is given out by The Academy of … [Read more...]

The Bahamas Part 2 – Snorkeling

The Bahamas Part 2: Snorkeling  In Bahamas Part 1, I introduced you to the fabulous and numerous islands that make up the Bahamas. Now I'd like to tell you about two unique learning experiences I had. This trip not only took us around beautiful beaches, it allowed us to be part of the island … [Read more...]

Require A Spring Vacation? Why Not Try The UK?

Feel the Romance on a UK Spring Holiday Is the winter getting you down? Are you starting to fantasize about bright flowers and sunny skies? Maybe it’s time to start thinking about treating yourself to a spring holiday! Nothing beats the winter blues better than getting out of your routine and … [Read more...]