Start Streaming With @Netflix_CA #streamteam #giveaway

Streaming is part of my every day life. Strangely, it wasn't that long ago that streaming wasn't even part of my vocabulary. That's how quickly life evolves. Now, it's the way we all watch our favourite shows. If you're a Netflix viewer, you're watching OITNB, or House of Cards. Two highly popular … [Read more...]

Photo Printing With Amazon! $1000 In G.C’s To Be Won! #Giveaway #Ad #AmazonPrints

Printing memories has never been easier with Amazon Prints, the photo printing service from Amazon. Prime members can simply upload photos to their Prime Photos Account. When ready, print the ones you like and receive free delivery! Not a prime member? That's okay. Amazon will give you 5 GB of … [Read more...]

Easter Goodies From #Kellogg’s #Giveaway #spon

Easter is upon us, and that means Easter goodies. However, that doesn't have to be a basket brimming with chocolate. Just like Easter dinner, there are tons of options available. One option, is Kellogg's mini rice krispie squares. They're just the perfect size to fit inside those plastic eggs. … [Read more...]

Quality Jewelry That Won’t Break The Bank @WeLovePearls #Review #Giveaway CAN/US

In April, Larry and I will have been married for 35 years. We got married at the tender age of 20. Back then, marrying young, was not uncommon. The only pieces of quality jewelry I had, were my wedding rings. I didn't grow up with a lot of money, but I did grow up liking quality. I'd rather go with … [Read more...]

Be Healthy! Start Your New Year With @GenuineHealth #Review #Giveaway

Looks like it's January again. That crazy time of year when people make resolutions. It's not that I'm against them, or anything, it's just that usually the goals are unachievable. When you put too much pressure on yourself, you set yourself up for failure. Instead of making a resolution to lose … [Read more...]

Cleaning Made Easier With @AspenClean #Giveaway

I believe, that if asked, most people would say they dislike cleaning. Seriously, there is nothing fun in dusting, mopping or cleaning out the toilet. At best, you can say you're burning calories. However,  I love a clean home. Since I can't afford a housekeeper, the next best thing, is using the … [Read more...]

Tidy Living Will Get You Organized @tidy_living #Review #Giveaway #CountdownToChristmas

Have you heard? Tidy Living is coming to Canada and the US. It's online shopping for all your organizational needs. No more excuses, because the savings are wonderful! For example, just for signing up to receive notice when they're online, you'll get 20% off! That's a wicked deal! So, just … [Read more...]

Anne Of Green Gables On Blu-ray From @ShopatSullivan #Giveaway #CountdownToChristmas

Anne of Green Gables is a wonderful book, that I'm sure many of you have read. It was originally published in 1908 and the author was L. M. Montgomery. I personally read Anne of Green Gables in school and I do believe it's still a teaching book.   Most likely I didn't receive a great … [Read more...]

Your Dreams Are Comfier With @DormeoCanada #Giveaway #CountdownToChristmas

  Last year, I reviewed two incredible pillows, to enhance your comfort and dreams. The Dormeo Dream Pillow and the Dormeo Dream Memory Foam pillow. Both of these pillows are still being used by us, and they are still like brand new. I'd just like to highlight a few great aspects … [Read more...]

What’s For Dinner? @SUBWAYCanada Sounds Good! #Giveaway #CountdownToChristmas

What's for dinner when you don't feel like cooking? Around my house, if I don't cook, my husband will pick something up. It's not that he can't cook himself, he just likes to take the opportunity to "treat" himself. One of those treats at the top of the list, happens to be my eight year old … [Read more...]

Welcome Skechers To The 2016 #CountdownToChristmas #giveaway #review

Welcome Skechers and their D'Lites! I'm so lucky to have been born in Canada, and live in such an amazing city as Calgary. It's close to wonderful places like Cochrane, Banff, Lake Louise and Jasper. All beautiful spots to walk, take in the scenery and wildlife. Fortunately, I also live around … [Read more...]

Creating Christmas Memories With @ISeeMe_Books #Giveaway #CountdownToChristmas

Growing up, all of my Christmas memories centred around my immediate family. Mom, dad and sisters. I was born in Canada, but my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins, all lived in England. Sometimes, I wished that I was like my friends, chatting exitedly about seeing my cousins or grandparents. My … [Read more...]